Lothario’s Peccadilloes iii

… days I wake up
to face the beautiful buttercup bright and tempting summer days
full of promises of love
yet when night comes back around
I am still up… quests, discoveries…
no‸thing is (n)ever enough
so this special process of movement called life I find
is one precious yet precarious ride

© Heath Muchena, 2015

Happy Heart

happy birthday!
they will all say
well, I too, wish for you the same, in fact, plenty more…

the plenary freedom of your heart’s movement
because I’ve come to accept that our love was only meant to last those seasons

I hope you’ve now also found that it was a meaningful course
leading you to greater elations

above all, take care and just remember
everyday is yours
so celebrate this and the morrow



courage entails betting one’s own life on chance
so too you’ll find that the quality of faith is born of a belief
that a possibility exists

© Heath Muchena, 2015

Fearfully Faithful

he was determined to secure the land
through the programme of resettlement
to further his own ends
but he could only do this with the consent of the chief…

so even as a stupendously gifted negotiator
he still had to approach the mission with the astuteness of Disraeli when he managed to have the Khedive accede to Britain’s influence over the Suez Canal by buying up the company’s shares…
in essence, every part of his execution had to be very calculated

and he didn’t want to think of failure or rather set backs
all risks had been considered and he was more than willing to take…
with a vision of building something great
just how he imagined the Michelin brothers must have felt
back in 1888

besides, it was too late to backtrack
when the true test of his strength and fate awaited
so from there he took only forward steps, albeit with bated breath
towards the goals he had set
promising not to stop even for a moment of rest
suggesting that would be worse than death

said he’d would face every moment with courage
aligning his faith with his desires
since only by believing as such
would the desires be fulfilled

© Heath Muchena, 2015

Addis Ababa Love

the harbinger’s words heeded
and as ready as they could be for the vagaries
they entered the city of promise
often seen as Africa’s Brussels – the political capital of the continent
she had a good sense for wealth creation opportunities
and all indicators signalled ripe!

he deemed it fresh and fertile ground for setting up his lobbying practice – one of a kind

both were determined with a shared vision
all set to begin the grind
each other – clearly all they had now
bringing them even closer

© Heath Muchena, 2015

The Legend of Urban Fridays viii

end of the week
and by the gazebo we meet
a kiss… glasses clink
music plays in the background – sounds like Dornik

how sweet, she knows exactly what makes me tick
she even has green leaf ready rolled… at my fingertips
and a platter on the tree trunk table so we can take our pick

first get comfortableI want to know what you think of this Animi Causa feel seating system deluxe, she says. to which I respond, I see, you were quite serious about getting it shipped… I must admit, it sure looks exquisite… let’s try it!

we sit and it seems like the perfect moment to surprise her with the gift
we embrace… another kiss
more conversation… it is true what they say: humour is deep

I swear I hear an angel’s voice when she speaks
and since I can’t resist her lips… more kisses

the rest? why not you put together the pieces!

© Heath Muchena, 2015


everything you want you get?

yes, that is true

what’s the secret?


© Heath Muchena, 2015

theatre of the heart

it’s time we put an end
to this theatre of the heart
in which I pretend
that I’m regretful
and you act

an amusing performance art
but it was never heaven sent
from the start…

© Heath Muchena, 2015


I try to act upon reason
always wishing to do my work and duty well
only to find that my heart ultimately determines the course…

because the power of my mind’s insights and thoughts
in its workings to form judgements in a logical manner
sometimes infringes on my passions

and so, on the one hand I find that my ideas lie on a plane that my emotions can traverse
but on the other hand, those emotions are the impetus for a kind of parturition of my intellectual proficiency

© Heath Muchena, 2015

Long Live My Lover!

the expression of creative will
through the force of imagination
best manifests when desire is nurtured
so that one has due regard for the feelings and considerations of an intimate other

because as a man who knows
not when the mate of my soul will come forth or where she’ll come from
all I can do is foster a deep respect for her
by growing into my best
and being prepared for a future of caring, sharing
and child raising…

so long live my lover
my rib


© Heath Muchena, 2015