Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard viii

you’ll never win me over!
but if it’s any consolation, I do find you very charming.
if only I hadn’t come to expect as did Elizabeth, that my tomb’s inscription will read: “here lies a queen who lived and died a virgin.”
because you see… I grew up overly cosseted, a sheltered princess
that has been my curse, hence this awkwardness.
my fragility is the only explanation I can give you for my extreme prudence

eh, you don’t say!
but haven’t you seen the play? are you still not convinced that a shrew can be tamed?

you’re funny…

ha! but honestly, I completely understand.
you’re a flower, you just need an extremely cautious handler.

oh yeah?

ah yes, I think so.
this is how I see it… it’s as though you have the power of the plant
and what I mean by that is… you’re different.
you’re not like I, simple flesh, you know – just a body composed of cells… full of desire, lust and an uncontrollable endocrinology.
lacking that noble ability of restraint which is why, and more than metaphorically speaking, I’m unable to produce even a particle of protoplasm… the same stuff that my cells are made of… that gives substance to life.
but you can, just like plants can.
and you’re virtuous and chaste… just like a flower.
not slave to the flesh.
yet I, so beastly, can only at best burn the compounds formed in this mysterious plant world of yours which seems to me so bitterly pure

a flower huh? one I’m sure you’d love to deflower

well, that is… erm… true

but I’m pain-dreading…

and I’m pleasure-seeking… but as I was saying, a flower only needs to be handled with care

oh yeah?

uh huh, you have nothing to fear…

oh dear, your charms are working on me

yes! let’s… do dare… you don’t have to be lonely

© Heath Muchena, 2016


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