Talent Towers

the competition was stiff!
felt like I had entered the International Tchaikovsky Competition or some’fn…
before this, I was quite convinced I was exceptional I tell ya
such self-deceit that was
because the truth of it got quickly revealed as I found myself way in too deep…

at least the experience woke you up from your sleep


well, that’s the joie de vivre, guess you could say you’ve overcome the insuperable…

yes, and you know what else?
with all that seemingly superior talent in the room towering over me…
feeling so nano-
that’s when I realised that being inconnu is a blessing too

for it makes possible the discovery of that within you

that is true
because when wrapped up in your little world where you may be king of the castle,
wider view of that beyond the walls of your kingdom obstructed,
you tend to forget that public opinion is but a collection of disharmonious conclusions turned to general use – even if to your favour
and it can never be best measure…

I sure learned my lesson
and I hope to defy Emerson’s saying that ‘no change of circumstances can repair a defect of character’
because I truly am feeling and thinking anew after that encounter

well, why not…
wasn’t it Dewey who said that the ‘decisive direction of action constitutes choice’?

he sure did!
so I’m making a choice to take that loss as a gain,

obviously not pecuniary but possibly of greater value,
that is if my epiphanies mould my Character into one better…
as a matter of fact, I prefer that over the monetary
for it’s the most enduring of all currencies

well, one always has a preference even when he has no choice
but as long as you abide by your newly found truths
suffice it to say you just may…

© Heath Muchena, 2016

4 Comments on “Talent Towers”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    This is a wonderful mixture of poetry, quotes, complex thinking and a conclusion I totally agree with.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. msaum3 says:



  3. I of July says:

    thanks love, you’re the best 🙂


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