Session with Sensei ii

… aside from the social pressures and all that
clearly, that was simply a shameful case of self-importance

I agree, he overdid it… exceedingly!
he does seem to believe he is the vicegerent of God or s’mthing

well, there was no need for such piety
besides, is not God but the hero of a religious novel?

not in the minds of many of the peoples of this country

ah! but they should also be reminded that ‘a country is the idea which rises on a territorial foundation’… anyway, let’s spare ourselves specific recollections because overall, it was great injury to our natures – having to sit there and listen to all that speculative fiction… but eh, each to their own predilection

true indeed! still, wouldn’t it have been much nobler action admitting that he, like us and the rest of humanity, knows not a thing?

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard viii

you’ll never win me over!
but if it’s any consolation, I do find you very charming.
if only I hadn’t come to expect as did Elizabeth, that my tomb’s inscription will read: “here lies a queen who lived and died a virgin.”
because you see… I grew up overly cosseted, a sheltered princess
that has been my curse, hence this awkwardness.
my fragility is the only explanation I can give you for my extreme prudence

eh, you don’t say!
but haven’t you seen the play? are you still not convinced that a shrew can be tamed?

you’re funny…

ha! but honestly, I completely understand.
you’re a flower, you just need an extremely cautious handler.

oh yeah?

ah yes, I think so.
this is how I see it… it’s as though you have the power of the plant
and what I mean by that is… you’re different.
you’re not like I, simple flesh, you know – just a body composed of cells… full of desire, lust and an uncontrollable endocrinology.
lacking that noble ability of restraint which is why, and more than metaphorically speaking, I’m unable to produce even a particle of protoplasm… the same stuff that my cells are made of… that gives substance to life.
but you can, just like plants can.
and you’re virtuous and chaste… just like a flower.
not slave to the flesh.
yet I, so beastly, can only at best burn the compounds formed in this mysterious plant world of yours which seems to me so bitterly pure

a flower huh? one I’m sure you’d love to deflower

well, that is… erm… true

but I’m pain-dreading…

and I’m pleasure-seeking… but as I was saying, a flower only needs to be handled with care

oh yeah?

uh huh, you have nothing to fear…

oh dear, your charms are working on me

yes! let’s… do dare… you don’t have to be lonely

© Heath Muchena, 2016


think it sensible to say, should one observe the system, they’d soon enough see too, that candidates on either side of the slate are in fact nothing more than shadows that stand in for the commercial oligarchy – each like a wild goose sentinel that takes no grain of corn while on watch but is sure to secure its fair share of advantage in return

© Heath Muchena, 2016


precedent and tradition often override common sense and volition
when it comes to influencing decision making

© Heath Muchena, 2016

New Lease on Love

should’ve had enough of your love long ago
but time has done little to break the mould

so I find myself wanting and needing a whole lot more
of your heart

and it’s all that I can wish for

since what was to be a new start
is now only made up of echoes of the old
from all the memories that I hold

I think it’s safe to say you stole my soul
and left my mind enthralled

© Heath Muchena, 2016


is wisdom not in the accepting of society or humanity as it is
and how it has been created
persevering with that knowledge
instead of getting caught up in fanciful ideals?

© Heath Muchena, 2016


even the smallest advantage
will incite almost any man
to circumvent any law however favoured by the masses
because of the inherent self-interest of his individuality

© Heath Muchena, 2016