Velvet Beulah ii

her scent
as fruity as perfume
made with first-grade agarwood

her curves
have the perfect roundness
like that of the moon

her ways
her tastes
she naturally behaves
as though innately groomed

tender kisses she’ll give
but few

she’ll serve
but still totally independent like Tsai Ing-wen

her grace
as if chaste
she commands respect

and though far from innocent
she’s by far the sweetest

the closest thing to pure
the expression of all that is good

© Heath Muchena, 2016


The Wake Of Illusory Love iii

she put forward a parting proposal
that contained pledges of perpetual amity

which he accepted without rebuttal
though for a split second he’d considered a refusal
predicated on grounds of the ineffectual nature of such arrangements
which he was convinced were tantamount to declarations of momentary intentions
and not lasting obligations

but for the sake of preserving a peace
and release
it was best that they both agreed
to disengage
and not get married

© Heath Muchena, 2016


life can be sweet and healthy too
if you can earn a decent living doing what you love to
and should you find love – that’ll make it even more eventful
but to truly have a life that is wholesome and good
you must live in harmony with your neighbours through and through

© Heath Muchena, 2016


he had strong ideas
and rather sneaky ways to get them heard

things always had to be steered in a direction that best served his own interests
to him everything was a strategy game
and he always had to benefit

always looking to profit
he had traits one imagines a Rudolph Hess or some such character to have possessed

worse, depending on your thinking, he was like a hunting Hymenoptera
that paralyses without killing
to provide its larva unmoving but live prey
and his dealings provided that type of feeling
just the kind of thrill he was seeking

he wasn’t after the fleeting glory of a day
he wanted to become the mainstay

to have influence – that’s what he truly desired

still, even with his big bag of tricks
it meant a lot to invest before reaping gains
and he just couldn’t seem to fix or find a way out
of a sorta Triffin dilemma he was faced with

it was becoming clear he’d likely have a permanent deficit
if he was to keep appeasing those in the tactical power positions
in order to then manipulate or convince them to further his own agenda

so he felt trapped in his own scheme
seeing as he had to keep whatever they required amply supplied

and he found himself wondering
what he was really in it for
if the purpose of gathering info was only to appear knowledgeable
to then enable him to gain the control he felt he required to realise his goals

and in the case that he managed to do so
what then once he’d reached that pinnacle?

and because there was always more to know
how would he even be sure when to stop?

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Mindstuff Plane ii

his bright mind
brought all its rays of light to a focus
as that observable in a concave mirror

hoping to find
the exact locus
of a perspective that might make things clearer

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Scope of Hope

they say I can’t do it
that is, write a poem that will be remembered tomorrow
but I say, no!
just let me learn some more

they say there’s no space in the market for my kind of flow
but little do they know I’m the Charles Dow…
and in the end – I’ll set the trend
and introduce forms… never before known
because see, I don’t do it for the reach
and my mind is already rich

I do this for you
and your kids

so, of course there’s still hope
and I know as I’m sure so did Blind Jack of Knaresborough –
who was first to build English roads
that nothing is impossible
if you put into it your soul

Sense Aside

it was a classic case
of sensual arrest

taking the other’s breath
as their lips pressed

he was her dark knight
and her delicate heart he’d vowed to protect
because for the first time he didn’t feel it was a tax
in other words, the equivalent for the service of protection rendered

and he was ready
although at that time he wasn’t quite certain whether for a lifelong commitment
or a temporary devotion

still, for a moment
he was all in

© Heath Muchena, 2016