11 Lobby Lane

I’m done with the dramatic pleas
I’ve tried to make them understand as best I could
but clearly it’s not going to be easy reaching a compromise

I’m glad that is something you’ve come to realise…
that speeches and referendums won’t suffice

besides, as Lord Salisbury once said: ‘we rate too highly the effect of the bonds constituted by signatures upon a piece of paper’
you see, it’s going to take more than what the law allows to get this done
we need more public convincing and a bit of deceiving for us to achieve our desired outcomes

well, if that’s the case then this is where you come in… I’m at my wits’ end with all of it!

know what your problem is?
you’re quick to forget the old saying… and expect all gain
but it doesn’t work that way, you can’t avoid the pain
and you still have to make it interesting
make the offer and conditions seem attractive
give it royal air and the lot… you know,
like erm… what did they call her?
oh yeah, Sophia Duleep Singh!
you must have heard of her… the suffrage princess?


well, that’s fine. long story short, she stood for something

what’s that?

justice I guess, I dunno…

isn’t justice truth applied to the things of life?

that’s not the point

then what is? because the way I see it – there is no justice in this
in fact, it goes against the interests of most
but it’s the only way to mitigate this crisis

well, the point is… was – actually it doesn’t really matter what it is or what it was… whether it’s justice, ethics, peace or in this case – a matter of public finances…
all they need to sense and feel is that you care

and how am I supposed to do that?

firstly, you need to distinguish between sense and feeling before you harmonise them
and it’s not just you… more than a few… confuse the two
even though both are still physiological…

I’m lost. where is this going? what’s the difference? can we get to the heart of the matter?

that’s what I’m getting at and I think it’s a very important point to stress
you see, senses perceive the different qualities of stimuli while feelings only quantify but what you need is to find a balance and you can effect almost any change with minimal resistance

oh yeah? I welcome that news because things seem to be going pear-shaped at the moment

that may be true for now but remember – what you want you must give
and if you want peace or freedom or anything for that matter, give the same

what are you on about? you’re hired to help me find a strategy to convince the public that it’s timely and right to sell off our national assets because they’re not serving or saving our economy. it’s in shambles and trust me, the people will hear no more of austerity, they demand a debt restructuring and recapitalization and I’m sitting with a huge budget deficit… black gold has plummeted and it’s just getting worse, soon they’ll again be taking to the streets! I need this fixed

I agree

we need to implement something drastic to have any investors be interested and the only option I see left is to sell off our national bank debt even if it’s going to be extremely discounted because it makes no difference whether we sell it to traditional partners or hedge funds, the price still has to be very low. my worry and focus is now beyond securing numbers at the polls for my next term because from what I hear the gasoline gods want off with my head and if I don’t appease them and the rest… I may not even be alive to run then

slow down. stay calm. let’s talk

there’s no time to keep confabulating… we need a plan of action
I’ve done enough talking! you’re supposed to help me bring this agenda to fruition but here you are talking about Duleep Singh… what you want you must give… this, that and the other… on top of that you’re now asking me to be calm and talk… haven’t you been listening? and you wonder why I’m panicking?

you brought me in for a reason
you know my reputation
your limiting beliefs haven’t offered you any relief thus far
and as far as I can see it seems you’re about to sink
you’ve been paddling along too long in a skiff instead of sailing swift
but if you let me help you – my way – I might just be able to fix the rift you claim currently exists betwixt…

how can I measure your value when you haven’t suggested even a single solution as yet

two things to remember:
measuring value is literally and exclusively a mental process and value in use is strictly personal but value in exchange is distinctively social
so relax and let me do my job, I’ve got this!

I want to believe it and I sure hope that is true

truth doesn’t exist outside of self
I know I have what it takes to solve this, truly!

in that case then let’s do it your way, ask all you need to know
I promise to be obsequious and please pardon my meltdown, I didn’t mean to undervalue your expertise

well, you know they say that ‘prejudices are a standard by which the least intelligent claim to estimate the capacities of others’
but that aside, I think we should immediately start working out the multifarious details crucial to our success

yes, please – let’s…

© Heath Muchena, 2016

4 Comments on “11 Lobby Lane”

  1. And so the subterfuge and manufacturing of consent begins…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I of July says:

    as it does 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vivachange77 says:

    Interesting conversation that I grasp intuitively and couldn’t begin to repeat. Where does my response fit in?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I of July says:

    Understanding does not always warrant reinterpretation so that is such a huge compliment, thank you so much dear. Your response says it all ie. what I wish to hear. I couldn’t even respond adequately to your comment if I tried but I completely comprehend. I guess it’s true that communication is more than sound and word symbols. You’re greatly appreciated.


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