Woo Wars

he had agreed to be the ‘middleman’
but he was never fond of the term
which he considered dyslogistic

so it was no surprise when
he began to woo her instead of just delivering a ‘lyric’
on behalf of his friend

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Love Lodestar ii

her care
better than you get on Harley Street, I swear!

believe me, it’s the very best…
not to be found elsewhere

a tender love thing
and it’s free
no Howard de Walden Estate fee
not even a request for a ring

her love is so fair
so rare

and now I understand what they mean when they say
exchange is an interchange of excesses
for I cannot imagine all the love and energy we’d have wasted…

had she chosen to not engage
had I not looked her way

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Workway Boulevard ii

I prefer to focus when working
no distractions
I cannot multitask
that’s a computing concept I’m still not convinced humans are quite capable of executing effectively

so I say, please
let there be silence… it’s a must!
even Alex Bell refused to have a telephone in his study to avoid disturbance, I read once

still, sometimes I have music in the background playing
when it takes a little longer getting into the flow
for it takes more than just creativity to have a vision materialise
and at times too I find that nothing flourishes when the mood is monotone
so as I write this moment
I can hear the sounds of a ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’

after all, what’s important is not so much the method of working
or the conditions for that matter
because as long as there’s action
then something is happening
and depending on the direction of the intention
it could be something penetrating or quite insignificant
as the words that make up this pathetic attempt at a poem

© Heath Muchena, 2016

From Rise to Rest

in our world of free-floating currencies
there’s a fine line between bluefin tuna and pilchard dreams
and that is why I’m forever working hard
to sharpen the faculties

because see, as E.H. Carr once wrote ‘the science of economics presupposes a given political order and cannot be profitably studied in isolation from politics’
moreover, with today’s global socio-economic structure
it’s not enough to just create
and it’s said that one now needs to acquire cyber real estate, network and engage
among other things, to be better prepared when the age-old game of power and influence is being played in the virtual terrain

in addition, so that when the types of new world Sykes-Picot agreements are drawn up to divide digital assets one might stand to gain
because in essence, the motivations for the scrambles won’t be that much different compared to those when they were carving up territory in the Middle East or partitioning Africa
since the state of our humanity is most likely to remain unchanged

and with that in mind, from rise to rest – I work…
doing the education, and a bit of everything, to earn a living
still, I’ve solemnly sworn to never leave my first and most faithful friend
that is, this pen in my hand
which even when all that I earn is stealthily confiscated by that hidden tax called inflation, still turns my sweet suffering into invaluable lessons

© Heath Muchena, 2016

a fortnight into February ii

she’s as the gentle wind upon my skin
in the southern summer season
and I vowed to set aside everything
should she give me reason

so on day fourteen
I’ll spend the evening
listening, pleasing… all things fulfilling
in nature’s sacred union

© Heath Muchena, 2016

love is égal

you not only have to be creative and exceptionally good
but inventive too, like Lowell Wood

yes, the market demands that – true
but there remains a fact not to be argued
that we are still not treated equal…

regrettably, I have to agree with that view
it’s not enough to say we’ve made progress simply on the basis that we got rid of the marriage bar in ’72
or that we’ve made the old rhetoric of ‘it’s a man’s world’ redundant

well, it’s up to you to fix the inequalities
before this pretend peace between the sexes ends up just another historical
‘interval between two wars’
and those in the know… those who get it understand
that the balance is bound to shift

I doubt that you women will forgive our ignorance when those times past due arrive

that depends if you change in time
but remember – by a law of mind, intellect precedes emotions and becomes their incentive to action
so to awaken any man’s impassioned love and loyalty for a woman
he’d need to gain prior intellectual awareness of her delicate sublimities

and then perhaps he’d not deny her her rightful place on the back of sheer force or ignoble strength, and actually learn to respect her

exactly, because how else could he possibly appreciate the treasure if he doesn’t perceive it

© Heath Muchena, 2016

diamond dump

her predilection for diamonds
meant that she had a strong affinity for the precious metal
one as strong as a potent high
so he expected she’d be delighted once he unveiled the gem
anticipating the frenzied excitement of a squealing eagle
but to his surprise she didn’t flinch, not even a little

taken aback he blurted out
don’t you like it?
it’s the one you said you always wanted
what’s the problem?

there was a momentary silence then she simply responded
it’s not the jewel, it’s you. I just can’t believe it’s taken you actually proposing for me to truly understand that a diamond is but a deposit of carbon from the sun
and even though that one in particular, is awesome, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question…

what question?

I was just thinking out loud

they say talking to oneself is the ‘abbreviation of the speech process involved in thinking in its least modified form’ so please do tell, give it to me raw
I can take it

or at least learn to accept it

… I asked myself whether I wanted to bear your child
and I’m afraid my heart tells me you’re not the one

never could I have imagined you’d turn it down?

I’m sorry, but it’s not you I want it from… we’re done!

but I’m the only one you know who has enough income to buy for you this diamond
and I’ve often been called handsome
come on love, don’t shut me out

no. I’m done!

I know this came as a surprise
I should give you more time to think it through

no! I’m numb. and no charm could bring about a change of mind

well then, in that case I guess we’re truly done

yes, but don’t feel bummed. while it lasted it was fun
come, I’ll give you one last hug

© Heath Muchena, 2016