Setting: Dawn Avenue, Constantia
Personae: Sir M. Thatcher – a businessman; Francis – a reporter
Scene 1:


it is I… I am him… yes, sir

so it appears, but first, before I let you in my space Francis, I’ve gotta ask you something

sure, anything

what’s your intent? ’cause you know as things currently stand I’m probably better off without the press

I can appreciate that but wasn’t this interview set up at your request?

indeed, yes! but don’t mistake that for weakness or desperation, I’m sure you want to be read as much as I want to express… so please, just answer the question

what’s my intent?

yes Francis, and don’t pretend! I want to know what you expect to benefit from this… and don’t tell me you only want to reap some sort of intellectual dividend

well, in some respect, yes! in fact…

now wait! my guess then is you’ve never heard that old saying by one Dr Pascal Serph, that “genius is purely and simply the product of… hereditary syphilis… due to its hypertrophic action on the brain”

that’s insane… no, I mean… I’ve never heard of such….

let me make it clear for you then, many a genius of that sort have tried to use dirty tactics – taking advantage of my gracious consideration for others – even for the likes of those in your profession, which arguably if filled with not so dignified folk, you know what I mean? but one thing they’ve never managed is to get away with it

I assure you I’m just here to do my job sir… besides, I have to abide by a rather too strict, although admittedly, ethical practice code… which I’ve had to adopt but still feel it’s a little too rigid, if I should give my personal opinion…

not so professional then, but I like that, I’m warming up to you already Francis… you’re different! welcome to my more than modest abode… come in… your thoughts on the decor, what you think – does it have appeal?

appeal, sir? you mean…

does it do the space justice? it’s the missus you know, she insisted on the Kelly Hoppen design… what you make of it? you fancy?

it does look exquisite, Mr Thatcher, it sure does

please, just call me Mark… if I’m to be honest mate… we’re still off the record, right?

of course, at your request

I’d rather be at my home on Hayling Island, having oysters and wine in the company of fine feminine company… if only the  paps weren’t so brutal over there in England

well, sir…. oh, pardon me Mark… that does sure sound a treat, but aren’t you happy here? this seems a very comfortable estate

but it’s not the same, wouldn’t expect you to understand

and your missus… is she aware of your desire for the company of other women?

we’re not married, it’s all right, she’s just my latest

is that so?

off the record

of course

anyway, let me ring the staff to pour you a drink ‘fore we get down to business, what would you like?

sure, thanks… if you don’t mind I’ll have anything from your famed beech cellar


© Heath Muchena, 2016


4 Comments on “Constantia”

  1. You seem to have a keen understanding about how things really work, and you express it well.


  2. I of July says:

    Thanks Katharine, truly appreciate it.


  3. cat9984 says:

    So – how long will the “ethics” last? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I of July says:

    I wish I had an answer for that… there’ll be many more chapters to this though 🙂


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