two odd…

… but before she left, she was sure to make her opinion known… said it’s not so much my lovely locution but my gentle disposition… that’s the real reason she can’t resist the attraction

oh please, tell me something new… we all know you’re not exactly loud…

i’m definitely not about that diphthong

you aren’t what most would consider normal either


i dunno man, maybe ’cause you always do that

do what?

play them that word nerd games, that’s what!

oh yeah? if you say so, pal! that’s your take on it… i simply talk how i talk… i guess it is what it is. she seems to like it though. besides, the expression of syntactic connections can be simply attributed to sequences and stresses in speech…

see, that’s exactly it. i don’t understand it. you do have rather unusual ways of getting your message across or should i say quite strange ways of attempting or not – to establish common ground through conversation. but i’m just not convinced it’s effective that’s all. in fact, times i think you just do it to torture me

well, language exists only when actually used, that is, written or read, spoken or heard. right? it’s not like you ever really listen to make use of it, so sometimes i’ll just be messing with you

© Heath Muchena, 2016

2 Comments on “two odd…”

  1. At least you have figured THAT out….. maybe hope for you yet….. ; )

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  2. I of July says:

    too true, King Will 🙂

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