Doves at Dawn

Let’s not hurry love, my dear
No need to rush… or fear…

Let’s stay in this place, this moment, right here
So intimate and warm
And let a natural, innocent bond form
like that between a deer and its fawn

We could tarry a bit – watch the sky starlit
And only leave when it’s dawn

Cuddle in this cove
When the night gets cold
That should be enough
To have and to hold

Let’s not hurry love, my dear
No need to rush or fear

© Heath Muchena, 2016


only the imaginative worth we place upon things raises them in our approximation
so be careful not to pay a hefty price for the extravagance of your predilection

© Heath Muchena, 2016


before reason fetters creativity
release the signals of your soul
from the mind’s captivity
and realise once and for all
that instinct conscious of itself is intuition
and it should always be considered before dignity

© Heath Muchena, 2016


I shift responsibility
mind willing
heredity, environment and education demystified

I lift the ceiling
and O, how very revealing!
confirming my surmise

I choose to be…
and it’s so fulfilling
as plainly as a planet with no life
just like in the beginning

and so in time too you’ll find
that I am nothing, if not the feeling that I provide

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Rhapsody vi

Be honourable and comfortable with your being, even your worldly reflection.
Be truthful. Be helpful. Stand on your own if you have to.
Etch your name on the face of history and imbue existence with your keen spirit.
Cultivate a love for good. It’s healthy sustenance for your soul.
Give the universal consciousness something worthy of control.
But above all, remember – freedom is for all.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

a walk down Wanton Way

the wrong cards had been dealt
that’s how he felt

as though he had been left
with very little prospect

like the Shenfu rust belt
but that was only towards the end…

now wait ’til you read the story of how they met
promise, it’s unlike anything you’ve heard of late

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Love Lodestar iii

for long, his higher nature had been kept under
by lower desires
as seeds beneath the soil are
when covered by the frost of winter

but just as he was about to give up
she, like spring, brought sunshine into his life
nurturing as needed
and helping him rise above ground to thrive

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Woman in Question

What kind of woman are you into? she asked, casually.

I love them all! But if you’re interested in specifics of type, or qualities I admire in a woman that I feel is ripe or right for me, then in short I’d have to say – a woman of might! He replied.

Like? she enquired, this time with undeniable curiosity.

Well, I dunno… maybe a historic achiever like Christiana Figueres, or a capable beauty like Isabel Saint Malo… she must have a presence – a halo… but more accurately, someone just like you! He expressed, candidly.

So quit acting as though you lack the wherewithal to woo a woman like me. Kiss me! She requested.

That very moment he knew he’d found the woman of his dreams.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Case of Killian Hill vs The State

Setting: offices of Giles & Jerico Actuarial Practice

Killian Hill, high net worth individual – client of Giles & Jerico
Giles Goldstein, personal wealth manager

With all due respect Giles, it appears to me that most of the taxes I’m being forced to pay are really on things that don’t produce an income. And I’m starting to feel they’ve definitely become a penalty placed on my energy, you get me?

I get that… but…

Do you? Do you really? I’m losing more money by the day as far as I can see. So tell me then… how are you going to fix this? I believe the high fees I’m paying you should cover it

Of course, Mr Hill… as you’re well aware, it’s also in our best interest

So you’ll fix this?

I’ll find a way around it… there are always loop holes

Then find them. Quickly

It’s not without risk

You risk me moving my funds if you don’t

Trust, I’ll handle it!

Good. Can I tell you something?

Of course! Remember, I’m the guy you tell everything… we agreed…

How can put this… so I… um… lately I’ve found myself thinking… feeling a little conflicted…

What’s been on your mind?

The most important fact of life, so far as humans are concerned

And what is that? Enlighten me

Well, it’s simple really – the very fact of our existence

Right, what about it?

I’ve been trying to find a logical reason for our coming into consciousness of being, and every time my thinking leads me to conclude that it wouldn’t be possible if all the necessities natural to life weren’t a birthright… I’m having moments when I feel that maybe, just maybe… things would’ve been different if we hadn’t adopted these man-made rules concerning property. Having a lot, I worry about losing it while those that don’t, keep conspiring to get…


… and I don’t understand why we should remain subservient to the stupid schemes of the government, which clearly have created and promoted this uneven wealth distribution. What’s worse is how they’re forcing people like me, who played by rules they set, to now relinquish some of our assets to please the masses. It makes me quite upset. Accumulating all this took some effort, you know? I’m not having it!

Don’t panic! I’ll move some funds around but it still has to be legit. So leave it to me,  I’ll navigate the complexities…

Well, you better! And soon for that matter

Got it! I’m on it!

Good! I’ll see you when I get back from overseas, all right?

Sure thing!

I’ve gotta rush but business aside, how are the therapies coming along?

Good, thanks!

I’m glad. I know Dr Darvel can be a little a devil sometimes

A good little devil, indeed. He’s got me doing reiki, intravenous vitamin therapy, marma therapy, the lot… gosh, I even drank some organic milk thistle the other day

It’s his unique approach that makes him so effective

If I didn’t have first hand experience I’d have said that’s a cleft sentence

Unintended! I’m not in the business of selling medicine. Darvel’s reputation is solid. Whatever it is, he’ll find a remedy! So no regrets then? Tell me, is it working?

Oh yeah, initially I was a bit skeptical but it’s safe to say I’m super libidinous now and Tahel is thrilled. Thank you for pretty much saving my marriage

Don’t thank me just yet… I  was just making sure you get back on track so you don’t have any excuse to keep losing my money the way you’ve been… oh, and give Darvel my regards, your wife too and the little ones

Certainly. Will do!

Gotta go, see you soon. Fix it Giles, fix it!

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Sunset Manor

social graces set aside
manners didn’t matter

the evening felt special
and all was just right
for her and I

so I couldn’t resist
her dressed for my viewing pleasure
like a platinum Pasión Azteca
on a Parian marble mantlepiece

pretty princess in a grotto
plethora of drinks pouring

make merry was the motto
O, what a wonderful feeling!

© Heath Muchena, 2016