Mindstuff Plane iii

it’s only a virtual experience of reality
which gives new vistas into the future
so I don’t believe technology is the enemy
since its function is to further evolution

well, be it what it may
life doesn’t run on a helix that expands, but on a circle, and when it reaches the meridian – it fades into obscurity and falls under the horizon once more, as I believe Browne expressed so clearly in his Religio Medici

that is true, history has time and again proved that nothing is imperishable
and everything eventually sinks into the abyss of inanity… the only variable being the duration of influence or existence

even if that is the case, the notes of levity in our address are bound to be met with disapproval, and will only stir anger instead of pacifying the lot

so you reckon we should not?

we definitely should change the scope…

© Heath Muchena, 2016


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