Rundown Romance

a happy home, with me, she wanted to build
one with parametric butterfly curves
inspired by Zaha Hadid

in it, we were to bring up several kids
and we’d even had the names picked
Hunter, Savanna and Olive

such fancies made up our dreams
before they were crushed by the reality of circumstances
also, as with most relationships
with time our impassioned desires had faded
and there was not much we could do to save it
so the romance ceased

© Heath Muchena, 2016


4 Comments on “Rundown Romance”

  1. Even the names…!

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  2. It’s so true…. how far romantic dreams can go, and then… pouff… they are gone.

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  3. I of July says:

    Haha glad you found humour in it too 🙂

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  4. I of July says:

    I’ve found it’s best times move on

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