Ode to The Artist

just the other year
in Salford Quays, Manchester, England
me and Daniella were listening to 3121
there was nothing Teutonic about this particular German girl I tell ya!
she could have been the one

just the other day
down the Cape of Good Hope
autumn sunset by the sea shore, toffee apples in a glove
playing Love Symbol
she too, could have been the one

they came and were no sooner gone
than I was searching for yet another sweet soundtrack to soothe me along
the paths my love travels

but now I hear you too have departed
so I dedicate this, my dear Artist
independent black boy
you’ll forever inspire my cherished moments
and no one can ever destroy

and I sincerely hope the exercise of public opinion
which seems to increasingly expand into the truly religious feeling of social obligation doesn’t try to take away from what you stood up for – up to

so open yet only the 3rdeye can see
and your music keeps feeding my soul and shows me above all
that evolution is but the adaptation of old elements to new conditions

and to me you’ll always be one of those

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Velvet Beaulah iii

her dress – weaved by costly looms
rich dyes to flatter the eye and mind like summer blooms

the play of colour on the plush designs – nothing short of luxurious
making for a display both gracious and marvellous

for my private viewing pleasure
furnishing themes of thought and discourse

intelligently indulging my desires with consummate skill
intensely inducing a decorative opinion
as now it seems I’m again singing her praises

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Man Of My Time

I get the feeling
that even if I had the skill or power to redefine meaning
like Louis Dublin
the statistician responsible for people dieting
I’d still rather they made their own decisions
and be at ease with self
knowing that I, as just a penman
stood up for the greater good of something
even if it meant that some of my actions
would inevitably be a matter of compromising
and sometimes of socially and even morally adjusting

and since you’re only as high or as low as you think
I know that as long as I remain creative
then I’m never on empty
because I’ll be full of dopamine again
the moment I begin to create yet another scene

and life becomes about finding the balance between control and stability
sophism and truth in meaning
avoiding infraction
in some circumstances through the conventional convenience of religion
since war is the suspension of the moral law
which always keeps me thinking
and keeps me reaching

and because I choose to see and wish to live different
and my perspective on life is anchored on a lust for universal love
my mind is persistent
I can’t resist it
the energy
this godly-feeling
like I’m the most successful man of my time

© Heath Muchena, 2016

What About Art? ii

it probably would not be out of the ordinary
or seem as ineluctable destiny
should one not make enough money
to enable a purchase at a Bonhams Auction

even if marginalised – with no right to own
like a Palestinian in Lebanon
or simply deprived of the opportunity to come into contact
or buy the prestigious pieces of the kind selected by Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani
of the Qatar Museums Authority

one – regardless of their peasantry heritage
or a lack of access and peerage
should still have sense and skill enough to inform self that it all ultimately means nothing
for it doesn’t stop him appreciating features of form and function
which I suppose are the common aspects found in what is regarded art

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Rundown Romance

a happy home, with me, she wanted to build
one with parametric butterfly curves
inspired by Zaha Hadid

in it, we were to bring up several kids
and we’d even had the names picked
Hunter, Savanna and Olive

such fancies made up our dreams
before they were crushed by the reality of circumstances
also, as with most relationships
with time our impassioned desires had faded
and there was not much we could do to save it
so the romance ceased

© Heath Muchena, 2016

On Kings, Queens & Other Beings

The strength and wealth of almost any monarch is built on the weakness and exploitation of those under the reign. Even when elevated and beloved by a nation, one has to conclude that there’s an inherent and undeniable ignorance on the part of the masses, which prevents them perceiving the fallacy of their faith; the madness of their desire to see the personification of their inadequacies reversed and represented in what they then regard aristocracy.

But then again, the code of human relations and all its aspects – duty and responsibility, influence and tradition, action and interaction, perspective and judgement – is arguably the most interesting element of the human experience.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Love Later

let’s lie down for now
and let us leave love for later

I’m well endowed – no doubt
and your beauty, your smile, your ways withal… I swear I’ve never seen better

don’t know why, don’t know how
can’t say I know where we’ll end up either

but one thing for certain
we should try, right here, right now, this night

while we’re still love firebrands
fetching the light of passion like fennel-stalks

under these stars, this sky, in this warm weather
and not leave love for later

© Heath Muchena, 2016

His Heart

if he gave you his whole
would you hold it as though it was also
just as fragile as yours?

if he said to you his belonged
would you take that for weakness?
and deep down would you rather he withhold?
would you still desire the old baddish bloke?

if he not only promised, but showed
and stayed faithful
would that be his best hope of redress?

if he was vulnerable
would you think him less of a man?
and if he cried
would you be kind in deed and mind?

© Heath Muchena, 2016

A Woman’s Wave

She was perfection. Her features symmetrical and proportionate – which makes any attempt at defining my attraction for her rather impossible, that is, without somewhat seeming as though I’m objectifying. But as I write – I confess to trying to avoid just that, but if I were to imply that the deity responsible for this beauteous creation didn’t ensure her dimensions were relative to some heavenly scheme of measurement – which obviously involved avoiding fractional, or more accurately, fragmented parts, then surely I’d be lying.

Aside from her beauty, she had a dignified appeal, which was a comfort to the mind, and more than just an aesthetic delight to the eye. And since I couldn’t resist, I approached her and said: “O, sweet attagirl! For you I would build a sacred tower, as grand as any ziggurat of Sumeria. I would excavate the earth and find for you a gem as great as the Lesedi La Rona of Botswana. So please be mine, and I promise there’s nothing I wouldn’t do…”

She looked at me with her pretty bright eyes, then sighed – before she replied: “Do you agree that we tend to distaste the act of paying more than the actual payment?” Quite frankly, that threw me off. “Sure, that is quite true my lady”, was my hasty response, which I admit now, in retrospect, I hadn’t really thought through at the time.

She continued: “Then it must be true too, that men do enjoy the chase more than they do the act of commitment, so how can I trust you?” I now needed to choose my words carefully that moment, and I saw no way out other than to speak from the heart, and so I said: “I’m not asking you to, although I would cherish the chance to prove…”

“I don’t expect you to”, she spoke gently, yet precisely. “Let me, please… let me love you”, I pleaded. Her eyes were telling me she could see right through me – to my core. Her reaction giving away the fact that she was at that point convinced that I was genuinely interested.

But how could I not be? She was a star without a doubt. A beauty to behold. In my eyes of course. Strong and gifted. A character with form, worthy of the story now told. My Silvana Lima, deserving of endorsement and sponsorship, without prejudice.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Pillars of Power

The reconstruction of society through politics will never precede a moral shift in the individual, and since political power is the associated strength of a majority impersonate in one, so tyranny too, tends to be the effective force, if not the numerical, of a majority, represented by the authority of one.

Ultimately, the duality becomes clear, that power over mankind is both the representation of itself and the forcible control over it, even under the promoted and popular system of democracy which should allow discovery and registry of opinions. All this bearing in mind that it has thus far been impossible to ascertain what a nation collectively desires, let alone show that any leader or law can adequately represent a people’s desire.

However, a great shepherd will, even with the help of his collie and his crook, still rely upon personal perspective. But it need not mean he does not regard differentiation as the law of growth, nor does he fail to recognise revolution as the first, constant and inexorable law of nature, and ultimately the inherent property of time.

© Heath Muchena, 2016