Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions iv

the fulfillment of desire occurs
when one attains satisfaction through experience
which can sometimes be elusive
since desire is transmuted as soon as it’s secured

but some things never change
the desire burns now as much as it did then
for woman, world, wonder… passion
pen, paper, idea… everything

so in the mind’s eye it is clear
purpose is a force so strong
and difficult to outgrow
even as the years pile on

but because culture is a social organism
ideas can become germs that disrupt its structure
still, who doesn’t want to be as the maidenhair tree
and live forever in stone

to conquer eternity
or maybe not go as far as that
besides, conquest implies conflict
and just because a man can’t give birth doesn’t mean he should couvade

but should he continue to pen
pray he never uses a ruse and the poems are more perspicuous
so that value is created out of nature’s good
the way Chesebrough made Vaseline

so that whatever the endeavour
he’ll always do as best he can

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Garden Route Getaway

Not that I haven’t done it all
Although it’s my first time in love
So please take it slow
And make it last

I already want more
Before we start
But I’ll take my time and adore
There’s no need for loving too fast

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Legend of Urban Fridays ix

she had me feeling like a wicked man
on the dancefloor
when she spoke in my ear
that my eyes were burning with desire
and how dare I imagine taking her with me and getting naked

she was teasing – subtly seducing
and for what seemed like hours i was anticipating the outcome
then all of a sudden
she held my arm
grabbed her Moncler jacket from the cloakroom
and we left in the Uber
headed to the Cape Grace

cherry candles burning by the Jacuzzi bubble bath
sativa tokes while we soaked
sweet night
Chenin bright
several pours of blanc
good Alheit Magnetic North

high pleasures
both her and other vices
birds chirping while i worked the middle
it was dawn and we were still getting it on

she had me feeling like a wicked man
because I couldn’t get enough
as though i’d picked up a habit overnight
and didn’t want to let go

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Enigmatic Exit

casting a vote
might shape the course of a history
but so can a gene-edit
give you a CRISPR baby

either way you’re in charge
directing the journey
and your mind is the cloud
thoughts and dreams can drift past

but always where you want to be
is where you find self in reality

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Cedar Loft (v)

I call her my Mistress Pleasant
After Mary Ellen
Because she understands
That life is a stage
Upon which we step to present
Wearing as many hats as it may take
Whether for the purposes of getting our cheques
Or as sacrifices for those we are trying to help
And sometimes simply to do our best
Even just so that the world can hear our address
In this case to tell a people’s story to the rest…

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Journey back to Jacaranda iii

Leached soil
Weathered stones
Flesh off… dry bones
To live is to toil

Roaming the streets where I’m from
Looking for sweet home
Only to be met with the unfamiliar
For there I’m no longer known

Thus I cannot stay
Even though elsewhere I won’t belong
So I journey back into the world

© Heath Muchena, 2016

a promise is credit ii

the promise or indeed the prospect of recognition
is good enough bait
that all one has to do is wait
for the catch to reel it in

because the desire to be heard or seen
will time and again prove too great
a temptation to resist… as all things related to credit
so clearly, an inherent weakness of the human being

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Feelings Unfading

she made an indelible impression on me
and the feelings are unfading
like a lover’s lingering scent between the sheets
upon departing

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Cold Comfort (v)

arrest an emotion
but release all devotion
as waves upon shore
before they recede into the ocean

because nothing is promised tomorrow
but if life’s opposing force makes available more days to borrow
then we shall find comfort in the extension of our union
on these fresh earthly grounds

but say you’ll let me
should I decide to leave after this night

and let there be no expectations but only hope
that we might…

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Of Boundless Passions

like a spring leaf spectacle
with an evergreen sensation

the feelings i have for you
inexpressible… boundless passions

so even though our time was rationed
remember I promised to love always because forever is beyond memorable

and between us may be oceans
but the love we experienced is still irreplaceable

© Heath Muchena, 2016