Love Above/Zero Below

in the reverie
we sailed the shallow shelf sea
sipping honey lemon tea
my lady and me

so majestic it would’ve seemed
if it wasn’t born of my propensity to feign…

because as soon as i escaped the dream scene
and was back on the beam
i realised it’d all been fantasy
a fusion of memory and the imagined

within which i could pretend we were still a thing
when in fact between us there’s a wanting – like in the hadopelagic…

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Lust Forever vi

many lovers with whom I’ve explored the spectrum of feeling
as a kind of rebellion against permanence
will agree with me in my conclusion
that just because an encounter doesn’t impassion
conjure up a sense of possession
or induce a lingering desire
doesn’t mean it prevents the presence of a most exquisite evanescence

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Lady Lavinia’s Lover (v)

my vision was firmly fixed
and she was the dazzling point
that paralysed my optic nerve
leaving me in a state of hypnosis

my senses besieged
i was weakened
ready to serve
brought to my knees

and thus life seemed
to have an erotic endpoint
as its essential impetus

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Saint Somewhere Street (v)

should have apologised
instead, I walked away… possibly pride
or a heart bent out of shape
which to cope severed ties

so no surprise that I ended up in this sinners sanctuary
wherein we lie – my other lady and I
and wherefrom sounds escape
but we try not to let them hear our blissful cries

behind these drapes
vulnerable to exposure at a pull
should they uncover my disguise
and find me happy away from home

© Heath Muchena, 2016

For Love’s Sake ii

i’ve been a bad bloke
but i promise if you pick my brain
you’ll discover that i meant to do no harm like Henry Marsh
and if anything is true – it’s that much

so your tears this tissue shouldn’t soak
never meant to cause you pain
act indecent or misuse my charm
because now your soft spot for me has turned into a hard, harsh…

and it’s all my fault

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Beatitudes Bay iv

I was perplexed at her sudden appearance
It seemed slightly stalkerish
But there she stood, in front of me, by the entrance
Wearing a dress like something out of Hedi Slimane’s diary

“You’re a dangerous woman” I said

“You make me one” she responded

“Might as well come in, seeing as you’re already here”

“It’s only fair”

She handed me a bottle of Grand Siècle and a box of chocolate éclairs
I cleared manuscript sheets off the countertop by the bar in the lounge
Pulled out a chair, she sat, I went around… got the flutes
But before I could pop the bottle open, she said

“I don’t doubt it
I know you try to make every piece of writing congent
And your goals are as lofty as Illich’s – the educationist…
I’m also aware you’re a worldly man
And want to be as rich as Metternich
With more estates than you have time to visit…
All that I’m okay with
But I do have just one wish
That we marry and make this illicit… more legit
Because right now it seems we’re each serving our own interests…”

© Heath Muchena, 2016


men depend on good, but do not always demonstrate it
women want to fall in love, but sometimes it’s not enough

while the world revolves on its axis
some imaginary times make up the highlights of our spans
and some are not so much beaming spots

but existence is fair
it’s a business of balance

even without senses, the acacia pushes tannic acid into the leaves from the stems
making them inedible in response to overgrazing
as such, the sweet life comes with its bitter moments to save us from decadence

and the true artist always realises
what opportunities misfortunes can provide

© Heath Muchena, 2016