Ms. Everything

she was exactly what I needed
the fulfilment of all wishes
or so it seemed

before the idea flitted in my mind
like a weaver bird in the branches of a wild cherry tree

a thought without familiarity
strange flight of the imagination
away on whirring wings into the vast blue… uncertainty

what if I’d got her a ring and went down on one knee
could she have been my everything?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Raindrop Clock iii

he first learned reading to understand
aged eleven
when his boarding school nun
allowed him to read a news article in which his mom
the queen regnant had to stand trial in a supreme court to defend
what she had rightly earned

an early taste in success and opposition
he’d always read but without the experience to comprehend
all that he found so interesting in the pages
but now he was aware of the frightening reality that inspires stories
it was revealing

some glory he has seen since
also much of the gory he has observed
but unafraid he’s become
because in the flow he rinses self
so that now to read, write, or live he’ll never stop – God forbid!

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Pillars of Power ii

we had dreams of money sacks
sealing deals like Mario Draghi and Lloyd Blankfein
on the 44th floor of Goldman
and we hoped for even more… if not worse
girls, excess

so we made a pact
to expand our network
just two friends – young, gifted and black
trying to raise our net worth
by any means

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Terrace Treat

Late night
Rooftop open fireplace on the terrace

Felt so right
Marshmallows roasted
And all the indulgences
To help expedite…

No shame or second thoughts
Full embrace
Of the pleasures the moment brought
A kiss, a touch, a soft spot…

The best treat
To start the week


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Honey Gold Angel ii

The sight was priceless
Her – postured on the Ron Arad settee
Looking so sexy
If I was Cellini – I’d sculpt a figurine of her image with a gold finish

Her radiance
A lake of rainbow light
She was sibyl-like… suddenly the future looked bright
As if I’d come out of the shadow of a cloud

A beauty so striking
That if I’d not been invited to admire
Or was only lusting
Then perhaps I’d have been left blinded like Peeping Tom after seeing Lady Godiva

© Heath Muchena, 2016

lace in the breeze ii

that’s how it feels

richly textured
and lush as pastures of the imagination

clear as the dawn that sweeps mist off the face of day

light as air
and gentle as breath upon a lover’s skin

that’s how it is

sweet nectars incense the fibres so delicately sewn

no tear in the garment
still her body is showing

no fear in the moment
for nights she weeps will cease to exist

and all will be bliss
like a lace in the breeze

© Heath Muchena, 2016

To Paint A Saint ii

love me from a distance she would
and said she’d always be my fan
even though she never liked the things she read
and would forbear to shoulder the weight of words and sinful spills from my pen

said because she’s the inspiration
i should seek license before i write about her without restraint
and i shouldn’t dare depict her at all
if i do not paint her a saint

so i promised to give her all the credit
and never play a trick the way Watson and Crick did on Rosalind Franklin
since without her there’d be no double helix

also vowed to only speak tongue in cheek
keep the writing in context and not far-fetched
and only publish what she deems tasteful like lunch to suit the locavore palate

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Pop iv

they were disillusioned by imbibing from the streams of the media and press
as a consequence, their impulses sought objects which would only make possible their function
and they continually searched for opportunities to exercise power
but when they couldn’t find any in reality, they pursued in fancy

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Love On The Radio

back seat of your car
in front of my house

stars out
dash camera on

lights off
stereo sound

no doubt
instincts roused

but is that love
on the radio?

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Dear Desire iv

We often form opinions or draw conclusions about current desires and inclinations by reflecting on their tendencies to create certain effects or manifest particular outcomes. However, the problem of deliberation is not the determination of future occurrences but the assessment of actions presently put forward for consideration.

This does prove in fact, that the continuity of change thereby lays the foundation for thought as an exercise in discovery.

© Heath Muchena, 2016