House of Hosanna

if dreams dwell in the head
mine seem to have escaped
because as I lie down on my bed
I get a feeling of elevation instead

perhaps it’s the soothing sound of Fly With Me by Elis Pethke
which is to blame for my drift into fancy
for now I’m perched upon the tree of my imagining
looking at depths without envy

and yet from there the roots supply all parts with plenty
so that breath in my lungs is restored
and I can adore Katie Paterson, Zeller & Moye’s ‘Hollow’
knowing that logic is not always a thing to follow


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Muscat Tears

Setting: 11 Lobby Lane
Personae: Lance Livelong – life coach; Dean Dumbdown – market speculator

Haven’t you ever heard a saying “the works unfinished and neglected lie”?

No, I have not my guy! And that’s beside the point. Fact is, I’ve lost all hope. It’s not even worth a try!

Diminished desire for personal development is the dirt road to doom, pal. Think growth! Think change!

I’m sorry but your words aren’t worth a penny. I’m resolved. It’s too taxing. I’d rather just get by! Screw destiny – that delusion entertained by fervent youth but nothing daunted, the old would rather not discuss. And I’m not getting any younger. Let me quit while I’m ahead.

Ahead? I doubt it.

See, that’s just it! I’ve had it with you and your judgements!

Calm down. Take a sip.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

A Feast of Desire

feast my eyes on her
body, mind… she’s everything I want
all there is to discover

my summer hue
and bright horizon

she makes me desire
so now I must have her

since she turned me into this
Mazarine blue butterfly that needs a red clover

to devour
O, what an animal she makes me!
still, I love her


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Trajectory of Victory

to the heavens I give thanks
for every profitable moment
like a Richard Quest announcement

for all the hardwork, bless!
the reward – a mind at peace

no stress
thus minimal need for rest

as for questions and requests
or clarity on sentence… one day it may all make sense
granted I keep good health
and reveal the rest of my creative wealth

and then it may even be up to you
to put me up there with the greats

for now… baby steps
on these grounds, on this earth
let’s sow a seed
so that one day an Eden perhaps


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Penman Blues

Taking action leaves no room for self-doubt, and with that in mind, he agreed to write grandiloquent edicts for the prospective politician in exchange for a generous grant upon assumption of office and the gaining of access to official powers that would make available the resources and security, including clearances to view classified material for the purposes of research, in order to enable successful completion of his manuscript, which would otherwise be practically impossible.

Also, having already spent a significant portion of his advances on a property, at which he had a James Turrell Skyspace installed – the writer’s lair he always dreamed of – he had not much else left. But with a multiple book deal to fulfil, not even his ideal home offered a sanctuary. The deadlines were fast approaching and he needed to produce a groundbreaking work, with even greater appeal than the forty-four columns of text in the Code of Hammurabi, because they expected nothing less.

Still, even with all the pressures, he felt it was manifoldly better than signing on to another nine-to-five, because truthfully – expedient is almost never ethical thus not good for the soul. And there are infinite ways to live, as long as one is wise enough to not waste the gifts of nature’s endowment. So in his case, he simply came to grips with the fact that as long as humans will tolerate tales, it will likely also always be the case that every ruler will need a great speech, and every writer in return – wish to strike it rich, therefore that synergy will continue to conquer, with or without his participation. And seeing that the opportunity signified a good fit, he was resolved to do his bit, and so the keyboard his fingers struck, beat by beat.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Bikini Tan Lines

beautiful, bombshell from Beatitudes Bay
your presence is a blessing but I must confess
the love I feel for you is not just agape
because you electrify my receptors with your sweet caress

so plenty kisses to your chest and waist
bikini tan lines on your body when you undress
and we could care less what they say
for they don’t understand we simply have the best sex


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Peace & A Slice of Paradise

On a beach
Where sand had been ploughed into scenic furrows by the ebbing tide

We watched a glistening fringe of curves
Created by the lapping of waves on the sea-shore

And the sun appeased our appetites
Like an early spring surprise

A balanced form of mood enhancement
Through nature’s nourishment

Something we felt and agreed we both deserved
Peace and a slice of paradise

So we took a lie-down on the Missoni print towel
Mai Tais and conversation flowing… all the incommensurable ideas reconciled

As she reminded me that every origin includes both the creation
And that out of which it is constituted

While I showed her that distance gives perspective
And relaxation is the best aphrodisiac – better than Dr NakaMats’ Love Jet


© Heath Muchena, 2016