Made in Muizenberg

I honestly believed I’d done my best to burnish my image. But she couldn’t resist teasing me and said that the bronze buttoned Lanvin coat made me look like a Markus Wolf East Berlin Romeo spy. In all honesty I couldn’t disagree, my schedule left no time to develop a fixation with dressing fashionably. Not to say I ever neglected decent appearances, but compared to her natural devotion to beauty… it seemed sensible to doubt my sartorial taste. Still, I took the remark as a compliment. She did call me handsome after all… besides, the background setting – clear skies and surrounding beachside historical sites, gave the moment an impression of a classic case of lovers lost on the coast.

I was guilty of infatuation. And I was her much needed distraction. She looked half her age. Skin so radiant it made her eyes glow. Sunset peach and a rainbow presence. Her sense of humour as sweet as her fragrant scent. Even her hair blowing in the breeze was worth a moment of observance.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

2 Comments on “Made in Muizenberg”

  1. Man, you shouldn’t write about women when you are hungry ! LOL ! Glowing sweet, peach! Time for a snack. ; )

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  2. I of July says:

    You’re hilarious King Will 🙂 that got me!

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