The Palace at 4 A.M.

She said:
‘You’ve been on my mind
And even though what’s passed we can’t rewind
Hearing your voice not only makes me smile
But also serves to remind…
How you always made me laugh
With your sweet serenades

I missed this
Just talking and being

Got myself a new man
He doesn’t treat me bad
As a matter of fact he’s very pleasant
But you know how they say change takes time?
I just think nothing ever changes’, she continued

‘Sometimes I just want to quit acting classy and be a little slutty
Come over, maybe spend the night
And even though I know that won’t fix everything
It would satisfy a need… at least for a bit

And what if I did… then just call it a slip
A swim in the Dirty Water on some Marc E. Bassy ish so to speak’, whispering through the phone in a naturally seductive tone

Then we burst out laughing

‘But I know I shouldn’t do that
As much as I want to
Because I know after we…
We’ll still want different things
So I’m going to stay far away from you handsome bird
Let you fly free
I just had to hear your voice’, then she put the phone down

For a moment
I just lay there motionless
My eyes fixed on the Alberto Giacometti print on the wall
And my mind like the moon in free fall


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Political Pen

Battles have always been the most thrilling interest generating spectacles
They activate our instinctive and irresistible impulse to indulge in incentive salience…

And as I imagine in silence
The changes occuring in our mesolimbic pathways and the cumulative effects from all the anticipation on our consciousness
I come to terms with my part in our collective addiction…

To fiction, to action, to passion
And so the Clinton-Trump debate I’ll be watching
Entertainment at its best
Just like a Mayweather fight at the MGM Grand…

The cheers, the boos
The shifts in perceptual cues
The promises and obscure pledges
The sways of fantasies
All that amazes…

But all judgements set aside
Because after it’s all said and done
It’s fair game in this world of anti-adhocracy…


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Portia Galactica X

She knew no limits
Unrestrained in thought and action
Her ideas transported my mind from earth to orbit
Not to mention she was beautiful
Or if I’m true to my slang  ‘fly as a rocket’ I’d say
Which is why I pet name called her Dr Sus
After Susmita Mohanty
But her real name was Portia Galactica
My space lady
Farewell fairy tale


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Addis Ababa Love ii

A World Of Water

As we observed reports about the crisis in Aleppo, drinking A-grade water that was as clear as glass seemed like such a blessing that I couldn’t help taking each gulp as a gift. And without insensitive diversion, the subject of water turned once more to her idea that it was in best interest working towards acquisition of some Blue Nile stock because the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project offered undeniable prospects in terms of securing a lucrative retirement investment opportunity.

She was a descendant of the 25th dynasty, Taharqa to be specific, so naturally she was full of ambition. A woman of action, her lofty goals had gotten her so far already but she was always humble in her approach. I think perhaps that had to do with the fact that she still respected the Christian ideals of her 4th century Ethiopian ancestors as she liked to refer to them and always in her heart stayed true to her roots.

She was very in touch with her cultural heritage in many aspects but her curious mind was what had made the bond between us so strong. She was first an anthropologist before she decided to pursue her career as a behavioural economist. The fact I thought her sharper than myself amplified my attraction.

I wanted children with her. It was her noble nature, charm and fine sensibility, sense of humour and divine beauty that had always amazed me and for her to have chosen me – a sinner – had restored my worthiness. But I suppose I made enough sacrifices to prove my love and she knew that would be hard to replace and to find another with the unique qualities I possessed would be unlikely.

However, it was because of her that we were here in the first place. Her job working for the NGO provided ample benefits that it was only sensible to relocate with her to strengthen our relationship and I suppose to follow a steadier path instead of my peripatetic lifestyle up to that point. Also, since my literary endeavours were beginning to seem as mere childhood fantasies I probably was never going to outgrow instead of proper career choices with real accumulative benefits, and for our future family’s sake, stability and all – I figured I may as well somewhat finally give a real go at settling down with the woman I loved.

But as reserved as I was about discussing business – out of natural empathy for the suffering going on in the world and which was clearly too much to ignore being the top news story of that day, on the other hand, I had to see things from her angle because she was always more practical than I ever was. She reminded me that water wars or wars of any kind are attributable to that which is in man’s mind – fear. And however much our grief, we must never forget that sincerity is the highest form of bravery and we must seize every given moment by harvesting insights that could inform and help us make better decisions that unlock the wealth of effective action and ultimately guarantee a bright future and thirst-free life.

So setting aside thoughts that seemed to offer no solution and focusing on actions that could benefit the family we were planning to have, I agreed with her proposition. After all, blue gold is what made Bush buy up the land above the The Guarani Aquifer, I thought. But before I could get carried away with my speculations, she unsurprisingly asked that we recite a little prayer for all in the world without adequate access to water.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Lust in Llandudno

Her figure in the Hosa swimwear almost had me swearing hallelujah! But her friend’s Mia Marcelle was maybe just a bit more… hmm… what the hell, I may as well tell it like it is… in short, as the old saying goes – she looked swell and so I was infatuated with her as well. As a consequence, and against my better judgement I pursued them both – signalling the beginning of a love triangle that unravelled with unexpected twists – a little bliss… a little conflict. The makings of a series you won’t want to miss. A rocky but refreshing romance that truly reflects the landscape of the setting – a little known place on the Atlantic seaboard – which inspired the events… details which will here be shared.


© Heath Muchena, 2016


For a start, until your craft becomes the lifeblood of your very existence, keep spilling the flood of thought on your canvas of choice but only if you feel it in your heart and spirit, because art gives voice and demands acceptance by default. But ultimately, only responsible expression can open the gateways to infinite heavens wherein immortal works fly long after the creators’ lives descend.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Angels Live

It’s Saturday. September, ’16.
I just had a glass of good Cape red with my neighbour.
She is the sweetest, most gracious lady ever.
And even though she has stage four cancer, she’s never looked better.

Along with her daughter and granddaughter, we talked and laughed.
Then as always she insisted I have some
of her scrumptious homely food.

After, I gave her some holy hemp and we embraced.
Told her whatever I can do…
Said she’s looking forward to summer coming soon so we can barbecue.

Now I’m back in my igloo but with the warmth of her spirit.
Her presence is always a touch of good.

Yoko Suzuki piano playing in the background.
In meditative prayer.
I believe in miracles because to me she’s been an angel.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Châteaux of Amour

Marriage as with property is a time-symbol. And whenever there’s a law you’ll find also the meddling in of the powerful since the law is their property after all.

So whether I’ll ever find myself tangled in it at some point I don’t know. But one thing for sure such considerations I cannot ignore. And even though the course of freedom has never been short of obstacles, for now one will enjoy fishing from aboard this bachelor boat then chugging down the river… going with the flow… floating past châteaux of amour.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Wild Adore

When you loved me least
That’s when I couldn’t resist

And even though it’s you I adore
Somehow can’t seem to find my knees

No longer will I bend over whenever you please
And find myself seeking release

Curiosities out of the cabinet and into our little garden
Now I can’t even ignore what’s beyond its greens

And it feels this entrapment of reciprocity
Doesn’t tend my wild-natured needs

So how fruitless is fidelity
If it is truly synonymous with finale?

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Mint Channel ii

Creative warfare in the writers room.

A producer seeks the pleasure of control in the form of time management. A staff writer defends his position through decision making. A script supervisor draws the lines of what’s possible on the basis of being practical. And a scenarist vies for a spot for his name to be more visible.

But all they have in common is their fight for prevalence of thought and its perpetuation of particular perception or pursuit of preoccupation through the ego.

All the while, the plot unfolds and it becomes evident in the pace and tone of the episode. All for the viewers’ entertainment.

© Heath Muchena, 2016