Kings of Kenilworth

the equestrian extravaganza
had a lot more going for it aside from the races

kind hosts and interesting guests
gents in grey horsebit loafers and powder blue seersucker blazers
wearing Longines on their wrists
and taking sips of mint juleps in Derby fashion

picturesque courses and fields
at a distance – Cape floral kingdom fynbos in view from the terrace
up-close – damsels in heels showing no signs of distress – only happiness

it seemed an appropriate setting for the party to seal the deal
on that and a few other points they certainly agreed

both admitted the publishing business was in shambles
and that every project would be a gamble
but united by a shared understanding that once all bets are in there’s always a chance for a win
their otherwise fragile bond was strengthened

and so, fountain pens were drawn for the signing
handshakes exchanged as per protocol to acknowledge the alliance if anything
followed by a toast to a new beginning
and plenty cheers from the stands fuelled by excitement at the prospect
while they took pleasure in soaking up the atmosphere of the moment


© Heath Muchena, 2016


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