The Lewd Life of Lucian Landsdowne vii

She was working out in a pinch front princess strap leotard which made her nipples appear firm. As a result, as if that’s to blame, it was rather difficult keeping my eyes off her stunning figure and even harder not making her thorax my gaze’s central focus.

The only tempting substitute distraction on offer being her long legs which demanded just as much if not more attention. For she had a pair which gave her body the shape of perfection and kindled my predilection for pretty form.

It is true, my otherwise dull routine was enlivened by her movements. Never seen a creature break a sweat with so much grace. And when she caught me looking at her so lasciviously, I couldn’t tell whether she took it as a leer or perhaps thought it cute – in the case she understood the irresistible allure of an exquisite earthly bloom such as herself – at least enough to not take offense.

Either way, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t aware of Susan Sontag’s words “there is an aggressive implicit in every use of the camera” ringing in my head. Even though I technically didn’t capture her appearance on camera, my eye had recorded the majestic site with device precision and for that I felt some guilt, but on the other hand, had I not then even you wouldn’t have this to read.

© Heath Muchena, 2016


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