The Lewd Life of Lucian Landsdowne vii

She was working out in a pinch front princess strap leotard which made her nipples appear firm. As a result, as if that’s to blame, it was rather difficult keeping my eyes off her stunning figure and even harder not making her thorax my gaze’s central focus.

The only tempting substitute distraction on offer being her long legs which demanded just as much if not more attention. For she had a pair which gave her body the shape of perfection and kindled my predilection for pretty form.

It is true, my otherwise dull routine was enlivened by her movements. Never seen a creature break a sweat with so much grace. And when she caught me looking at her so lasciviously, I couldn’t tell whether she took it as a leer or perhaps thought it cute – in the case she understood the irresistible allure of an exquisite earthly bloom such as herself – at least enough to not take offense.

Either way, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t aware of Susan Sontag’s words “there is an aggressive implicit in every use of the camera” ringing in my head. Even though I technically didn’t capture her appearance on camera, my eye had recorded the majestic site with device precision and for that I felt some guilt, but on the other hand, had I not then even you wouldn’t have this to read.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Fantasy of Knowing

she said:

they are just lost in the fantasy
of knowing you

even though your words are a window to a view
still, they can’t see through

and they may make love to you
but will never have your heart in full

o, how I wish they knew
the downside of loving you

© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Chapel Street Chapters

Setting: Chapel Street
Personae: Pastor Pious – prophet of profit; Toivo Tanner – faith-based marketer

I was thinking something along the lines of ‘divine dispensation’…

I see. All right – how about ‘transformative contributions to consciousness’?

I agree, that does have a nice ring to it. Sounds less prophetic yet it still retains that mystical element

Exactly, because let’s face it pastor, these folks are getting more doubtful by the day but trust me when I say my approach never fails, works every time!

Well, you’ve not yet let me down.

Exactly! You have to adapt to the times. Refresh the doctrine so to speak. Because you see, it was once a matter of totems and taboos and all that sort of primitive stuff, but then the language changed and with that came an end to the old desires and fears.

So you say – let it be something new they hear, right? Something to catch the ears and hopefully steer hearts to ensure hands reach deep into pockets, correct? And make the insuperable financial difficulties our ecclesiastical establishments have been facing the past several years a thing of tides past! Can I expect better tithes is what I’m asking, Tanner? I’m putting my faith in you man. You’re my last hope otherwise I’m finished.

Not if I can help it. You know hope in Finnish is Toivo…

How did you end up with a name like that anyway?

Dad was half German, half Finnish. Toivo means hope, my holy mate. So no need to worry. I’ve got you!

If this doesn’t work then they may as well just hang me.

Ah, I see what you did there… deliberately avoided saying crucify me.

Getting the hang of it.

Well, I don’t know Pious… generally speaking, I prefer your theological language when you’re in discourse with me but I don’t recommend anything that has any hint of proselytizing when it comes to addressing your congregation. I mean… I love it personally, it’s just a bit too raw for the kind in this city these days. They want worship with no worry. Something new-age, liberal and less imposing. Era-appropriate you know…. But as for my linguistic preferences… definitely crucify to hang… no blasphemy intended but crucifixion sounds better to me. I wouldn’t wanna be hung simply because the idea of ending up with angel lust has always sounded super scandalous so I just can’t picture it… even though it wouldn’t matter if you’re already dead of course, but you know… dignity for the deceased and all that.

German-Finnish, huh… some kinda seed I see… you, my friend, baffle me.

A bit idiosyncratic I know, but only in discourse with you. But back to talking business – I’ll keep it clean.

I’m counting on your campaign to work.

Trust me, you’ll soon see an increase in the size and weight of your collection plate.

That’ll be great because I need all the help I can get! Let’s get it done then. Let’s get paid!


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Next Lifetime ep.1

Things have changed a lot since…
But you don’t at all appear to behave differently

Just the new old me
But the same old Heath

Well, why don’t you take a seat
I’ll fix something to eat, perhaps a few drinks?
We have much to catch up on – quite evidently

Tempting… well, all right then, if you insist. I suppose there’s no harm

C’mon, let’s loosen up… who knows what secrets from the last decade will spill out

You’re still such a charm… I’ve never been able to resist

And you’re looking quite handsome – I may just give you a kiss

You’ve always been quite the flirt

I’m just so glad we’re able to reconnect


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Pressure: A Soliloquy

even in Rhodesia
grandpa was the black Jack Ma
but it’s been Zim for some time now
still mom and pop managed to secure their futures
so what excuses you got?

there you are
having travelled far and wide
say you’re a writer but will that ever earn you the income?
can’t you see you’re falling behind?
must you not rather pursue a more rewarding endeavour?

just some things on my mind
when dealing with the pressure


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Rhapsody no. # vi

you ain’t got shit to lose
’til you realise time is all there is to misuse
then you’ll truly live and die by your art
up when they’re asleep
way in… too deep


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Press, Please!

What do you expect? Don’t you know that no fact has ever been so effective to change the faith of a believer? Just as no strong belief has ever altered the world to our satisfaction.

So what would you say then is your foremost concern when you create?


Of course, yes. So art for art’s sake in other words?

If you believe entertainment should offer no value… as I’ve already mentioned, giving you the facts won’t be any help. Which you’ll probably translate to mean arrogance. Correct?

No. Different but definitely not arrogant. And as for your sources of inspiration?

Haven’t you read the work? Everything inspires. You do too.

How so?

Let’s just say we both have license to reflect on this interview. And on that note, I’d like to thank you. It’s been a pleasure. I’ll make sure to pick up the issue whenever it circulates.

No need. I’ll personally mail a copy. Gratis.

That is gracious of you.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Sayings For Sale xi

It’s not surprising the countless unnecessary exhortations to support those who claim to have words worthy of a digest. Needless to say it’s also quite clear it all falls on deaf ears.

Because it’s never so much in the written or spoken language but the comprehensible affective conscious expressions that you’ll find truths otherwise concealed in other modalities of human communication.

As a consequence, whether the audience is aware or not of the fact, a sale which requires convincing is never a gain with full profit.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Kings of Kenilworth

the equestrian extravaganza
had a lot more going for it aside from the races

kind hosts and interesting guests
gents in grey horsebit loafers and powder blue seersucker blazers
wearing Longines on their wrists
and taking sips of mint juleps in Derby fashion

picturesque courses and fields
at a distance – Cape floral kingdom fynbos in view from the terrace
up-close – damsels in heels showing no signs of distress – only happiness

it seemed an appropriate setting for the party to seal the deal
on that and a few other points they certainly agreed

both admitted the publishing business was in shambles
and that every project would be a gamble
but united by a shared understanding that once all bets are in there’s always a chance for a win
their otherwise fragile bond was strengthened

and so, fountain pens were drawn for the signing
handshakes exchanged as per protocol to acknowledge the alliance if anything
followed by a toast to a new beginning
and plenty cheers from the stands fuelled by excitement at the prospect
while they took pleasure in soaking up the atmosphere of the moment


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Bedside Review

sensuous warmth she emits
between the sheets

her body so soft
perfect breadth, tender deep

in a fetal position she sleeps
true to her shy and sensitive personality

and so, silently i compose
trying to be discreet

but when i finish
i’ll give her a forehead kiss then close my eyelids


© Heath Muchena, 2016