Sun-spangled Sunday ii: Summa Island

Sipping freshly squeezed orange juice
Feeling revitalised… Howard Hughes

Thankful for life and the means afforded
For powers conferred upon me by God

For nature’s granting of this able body
And a mind that takes all the responsibility it  can bear and makes no excuses

For memorable nights with fine goddesses
For family and friends who have stuck by me for what seems eternity

For ambitions that know no degree
For never-ending dreams that make my reality so heavenly

For courageous movement
And accepting self to make room for improvement


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Lust Forever vii

Some take a fancy to the thrills of wooing
While others find excitement in being desired

But by all measures
It seems we are persistently pursuing
Bodily pleasures
And other sensations easily forgotten

But why should I discredit those moments
Which I’ve found at times spark real interest
Or become foundations for deeper connections

So with that thought in mind I will say again Lust Forever


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Freewill Junction

Once you arrive
You’ll come upon two paths
In continuum
One leading to self-discovery
The other to self-destruction

And you’ll be required to choose
So your actions will determine whether you win or lose
If you’ll have intellectual epiphanies
Or your faculties remain underused

Also, your pursuits
Depending on what you contribute and how much value you produce
Will be the measure of how astute or obtuse…


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Shona Madonna iii

As always, I sought the wisdom of my queen
And in that conversation with mother she said
Now that I’ve heard all you had to say, I’ll make judgement now, if I may

You see my son, there’s no denying you’ve always been smart, nay, brilliant from an early age
But don’t become a Nicodemus by asking the wrong questions – the likes of how can you be born again
Instead be patient and use that willingness to learn
In a way that can help you discern
So you’re not blinded like the Sanhedrin

And use more than just your brain
Find your faith, be that what it may, as long as it guides you towards noble ends
Because wonderful as it is to have the wealth of a Nicodemus ben Gurion
What will matter when life is no more and history sits atop the grave
Is the kind of man you were on land
Never air or subterranean


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Creative Counsel ii

The inveterate writer
Draws his creative power
From labour and wonder
And is receptive but also selective when picking up frequencies or tapping into vibrations across the ether

Therefore his finest hour
Is in the approach to subject matter
And if he crafts in earnest and candour
Revelations, insights and immeasurable delights he will deliver as gifts to the mind of the reader


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Red Horizon iii

After my elongated speech in which I was making attempts to explain my besetting sins, she simply responded by saying “Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time”,  quoting Ross Perot. “And you handsome parrot are prey within view and range of my slingshot’s aim”, she continued.

She was quick-witted. I suppose that’s also what kept me so interested. In any event, I was beginning to detect some delitescent strength within her, aside from her apparent intelligence. So to say she had a clear target on my heart was no exaggeration on her part because her cage had all the allures I was finding increasingly hard to resist.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Political Pen ii

It appears to me that the body politic
Of the most impactful nation on the planet
Is in dire need of some sort of a tertium quid
In the form of a candidate who would conquer what’s already divided
But because none have the means or technique
And without a party to provide backing should they manage to supersede
It’s likely they will simply have to accede to the disagreeable course on which whoever takes seat shall route the ship
So now please explain to me what it really means and what it represents – this word democratic


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Purple Passage ii

Success is a matter of priori knowledge
Since no factor can pacify the urge
Not access, location or circumstance
Deductively speaking

Value is perspective
Just look at the inglorious fall of the pound sterling

Grandeur is simply optimism
… I’m just saying

And the word rich
Now ain’t that some ish

Minds affirming… preach, preach!


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Principle of Harmony

At that point the dream was lucid
Being ‘that which has no parts’ as defined by Euclid
And not so much a controlled fantasy

A flow of energy into the universal grid
A sweet surrender… no bid
The principle of harmony
In nature’s control like a river that channels into rills

So what I did or didn’t
Seemed to matter not one little bit

And the present had never been more vivid
Everything simply returned to a state of no need


© Heath Muchena, 2016

A Love Locus

Her synthetic biology business
Was funded by IndieBio

I always joked that she was more ambitious than Elizabeth Holmes
and more versatile than Dr Kathy Niakan

Apart from her focus
And the fact she was helping me edit my teleplay about The Crick
I simply adored her because somehow we just clicked


© Heath Muchena, 2016