Inside Art

The value estimates for the kind of experience goods which artists purvey, hoping to obtain satisfactory pecuniary rewards for their output, aren’t always easy to ascertain since what determines the success of any artful endeavour is the enjoyment encounter the consumer has with the particular offering but which can only be measured after the fact, thus making it in most instances not only difficult to predict the occurrence but to also quantify the feeling – presuming there’s consensus about pleasure having been thus derived – post-production and taking the ‘sales speak volumes’ saying as an axiom of course.

And even where there are provisos put in place to mitigate against the threat of commercial exploitation say by negotiating decent royalties in contracts, securing advance compensation terms favourable to the artist without coming up against the counter argument citing validly where it concerns the risk factors the commissioner has to bear remains a constant challenge.

But if there’s a realisation that neither party stands to benefit unless the work connects with the audience with an intensity which makes them perceive their own power with regard to the financing or rather facilitation of production of worthy creative arts, then all the intricacies become uninjurious impediments for they shall be overcome.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

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