Often I quit writing
But that never lasts more than a minute
Since that’s how I make my living

And I’m always lost in moments serene
That sometimes I end up forgetting to keep in touch with keen
Which admittedly is an awful thing

But is not forever everything…
So why then am I always tryna hold on to feelings fleeting?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Creative Counsel

Appreciation is demanded
Action warranted
Practice manditory
And productivity expected

Attention is to be habitual
And perspective an essential tool – part of the repertoire

Inspiration should come from life
So that truthful energy and good intentions can spark and make it all come alive

But only if the motive is pure
And conscience clear


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Valley of Vicissitudes

when there’s change in fortune
or shift in tide
can you endure with fortitude
upon grounds unfortified?

when there’s difference in tune
and pressure produces heat from the inside
can you maintain composure and the right attitude
even if you feel undermined or defied?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Penman Blues ii

No time to go ape
Gotta manoeuvre these taskscapes with a degree of discipline
To reap the rewards of right or proper action and the consequential gains

Peace of mind, love for mankind… all things agape
And maybe one day I’ll set aside a benevolent fund
But for now my focus is on building the estate

Inspired by the fair weather Cape
Fire in my pen… and I could care less if the scenes I draw from life are somewhat exposé

Mouth untaped but stuck in this chair
Mapping out career… seeing the future clear
Yet never forgetting heaven is right here

And unlike in Krapp’s Last Tape
I hope that as I age there’s less of looking back with contempt

At these words I write
And at how I express in these attempts to speak my mind

I hope I’ll be fair to self
Should I ever read any of it back
And stay balanced always

No left leanings… no JournoList attack
No right wing politics and more of an independent think tank approach to the facts that I bring to life


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Heartbreak Him

I never lied
You just chose to not listen

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t love
Just because my carnal desires I rose above

I know it may not be what you wanted
But at least I’m honest

Don’t be disheartened
Just because the experience was just short of heaven doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lesson learned
And if not on both sides then at least on my part love

So even though we’re no longer together
My memories are still tied to you… fetters of the mind

I never lied
And feelings I never could hide
So to be true to my words here I must confess

In case you care to listen and maybe you’ll hear in my beat that I’m not that heartless


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Mainstay Minutes iii

I have no desire to be an anarchist or thoughtless disrupter

I do recognise the value of appreciating social capital through institution building

I respect the law enough to know… and I have learned a little to distinguish natural person rights from artificial

I have all intent to comply with the legal deposit act

But please let me have some quiet so I can first finish the manuscript


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Incurable Curiosities

Often I’ve found that so-called artistic works do nothing if not in fact sedate the senses, instead of encouraging an intuitive heuristic process.

I’ve also discovered that those who have a desire for distinction seek and experience more variety but that it’s impossible to measure, let alone establish if that equates to a higher existence or even a sort of living within the reaches of much sought-after wholesome happiness.

Ultimately, I’ve had to at least consider the validity of the preference satisfaction theory and confront my sometimes misanthropic nature.

Yet I still recognise that in exceptional cases, instead of encountering the shallow, empty or apterous, one might actually come upon those works which are not only decoratively colourful in their style and uniqueness, but which also have a wide wingspan covering matters of the soul despite appearing on the surface as mere shadow thoughts and ideas…  way out of line with the mainstream trite.

But who is to judge when all men wrestle for recognition and all need some attention – the modern day currency and might? After all, every one of men’s cravings aside from that for basic sustenance is (un)consciously a pursuit of status which in essence has been the gauge of human worth.

Some will go as far as to say money is the most desired outcome of human effort and that it’s the best means of registering the motives of people. Thus, the larger the quantities, the better the qualities, the greater the choices we desire….

That’s why when I’m too busy making a living by writing or other means necessary, whether or not those tasks demand creativity, somehow it all seems to be in harmony because everything interests me. I suffer from incurable curiosities.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Terrace Treat ii

I even had the cellist Steven Isserlis on the playlist
Figured playing her favourite music would be a nice twist

It was our anniversary
Subtle incense… candles lit

Wanted her to know I meant business
And depending on how the night was to play out you could say quite literally

But really I just wanted to make it special for my lady
For all the years she’d stuck with me

So as I set up a table on the terrace for a treat
Sky – moon and stars rich

An assured feeling came over me
I had chose the perfect evening to give her the ring


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Write Wife

Can’t tell if you’re better off
But maybe he’s the best thing for you

And I wish you well
Because on my side… the timing is off

Besides a man my type does what he deems right
Not what he’s ‘supposed’ to

And these flows I’ve gotta write…
Should I now feel guilt for wanting to pen these visions down more than I do settling down with a wife before my time is due?

Still I acknowledge you deserve the time I don’t have to give
So how could I expect you to stay when I know it was so right of you to leave?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Inside Art

The value estimates for the kind of experience goods which artists purvey, hoping to obtain satisfactory pecuniary rewards for their output, aren’t always easy to ascertain since what determines the success of any artful endeavour is the enjoyment encounter the consumer has with the particular offering but which can only be measured after the fact, thus making it in most instances not only difficult to predict the occurrence but to also quantify the feeling – presuming there’s consensus about pleasure having been thus derived – post-production and taking the ‘sales speak volumes’ saying as an axiom of course.

And even where there are provisos put in place to mitigate against the threat of commercial exploitation say by negotiating decent royalties in contracts, securing advance compensation terms favourable to the artist without coming up against the counter argument citing validly where it concerns the risk factors the commissioner has to bear remains a constant challenge.

But if there’s a realisation that neither party stands to benefit unless the work connects with the audience with an intensity which makes them perceive their own power with regard to the financing or rather facilitation of production of worthy creative arts, then all the intricacies become uninjurious impediments for they shall be overcome.


© Heath Muchena, 2016