The Principle of Peace

it’s lonely at the top
and empty at the bottom
for God’s wrath has no in between
hence no one can ever stop
the curse of fire and brimstone

and even if they flee
as did Lot in search of Sodom
they’ll soon enough see
that one cannot shelter from storm
a mind which knows not freedom


© Heath Muchena, 2016


The urge to communicate
By far outweighs the reputational risk I have to take
To get my message across and express to you – Scarlet

So here I confess
And hope that you don’t take offence at my attempt
But instead give me this one chance for what it’s worth
Because no longer can I remain in this curious state

And I’m not asking for a taste
At least not just yet
But if you come with me on this date
I promise it will be an experience we both will never forget

And in the case that things don’t go as you’d expect
Then your wishes I will totally honour and respect
Because I’m not one for regrets
And I’d even be happy to remain as just friends

Not to say that I’m not confident
But I’m certainly the kind of man who can take the red with a tinge of orange


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Gasoline gods VI

black gold money is plenty
on the clean waterside of Equatorial Guinea
where you find the Obiangs and unduly greedy…
talking foreign exchange over morning tea
their reality far removed from the struggles of the majority


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Dreamer Who Would Not Be Discouraged

all he truly wanted was to have the hardwork
provide for lunches and dinners
too busy doing, he never quite imagined someday he’d accumulate
so many Kuwaiti dinars

and those who had counted him out
no longer could deny that he had paid his dues

for he had by then become the unmistakable proof
that anybody could become somebody


© Heath Muchena, 2016

A Good Man

she said:
not that I don’t deserve special treatment
but I’m just not used to it
never even knew such a love did exist
or that a man my heart he could so much cherish
and yes, it is true no one is perfect
but to me you’re as good as a man can get


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Path to Prolific

Walking on the cobblestone pavement leading to the city’s gates in my Birkenstock Jesus Shoes.

However, I shepherd no flock and make no use of an entourage so when I make my entrance into the royal courts of the literary battleground, it will be I, my mind’s tools, and of course divine providence.

And should you live long enough to witness, pray we all do, maybe one day it will all make sense… the more I learn to lower my defenses. But should the pressure to earn my place in the space prove too much, I’ll only need remember that I am art, and intensity is a creative force which makes precious stones.

In any case, whether they shine like crystal balls or remain in a sacred state of the unearthed, what really matters is the path each one of us – gems of this planet – takes. And I hope yours too, will be in the direction of truth, for all our sakes.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Sweet Sensation

your poinsettia dress
is def – a holiday season’s best

with the greens and reds
colours for life and passion
which excite the flesh

o, princess – go on – expose my weakness
for no more can I hide
since it’s quite clear for you I’m a mess

my toffee apple and pecan cake
tell me, what I gots to do to get a taste?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Eden Watchers

but most of all be educated about self
and understand that to know one is to love another

dedicate the most precious of what you possess
time, energy, worth…
into the joyous escape of worldly pursuits
but only if you make productive use… directing your efforts towards greater purpose

because irrespective of lineage
your progeny depend upon the foundations you lay
and the wisdom you convey
in guiding their purest inclinations towards the betterment of the human family tree

which is only possible if you know self enough to find the pleasure in control through allowing your seed the freedom to explore and grow instead of imposing code

so that they can embody the greatest of man’s treasures
which is the gift of insight and foresight that allows mankind access to what came before and grants the capacity to see beyond
which made it possible for the human stock to emerge from a speck and go on to populate the globe

what is most important however, is to do for all with good intentions and without sacrificing your soul
since to them you’re indebted
in the sense that validation is a child of reaction


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Perfect Plateau

watch as the skies open
to the feelings you’re embodying

and ask if what lies before your eyes
is not a disguise of your emotions

or if those you’re beholden to
are not the architects of your limitations

then choose to see the portrait of power that is you
as if posing for Platon’s lenses


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Ms. Everything ii: the feeling of something missing

lost myself
too busy loving you
but you’re not to blame
that much I know is true

and though life is better now
since we’ve been separated
every now and then I find myself wondering
what if instead of space
we had given each other just a little more room to breathe

whatever the case
one has to remember their name
and do what they have to
so yes, things will never be the same
but then again, can’t say I never knew the nature of the game

still, sometimes there’s a longing for those days
when we were a strong team
pillars of power with the same vision
before we got estranged
like Putin and Yeltsin

and it makes no sense
pointing fingers instead of working with what’s at hand
these cards which have been dealt
and try to just forget the past
or hope that maybe one day
the feeling of something missing
will at last disappear


© Heath Muchena, 2016