Uphill, The Grange ii

As I sat there listening to the old grumpy man give infinite reasons why he wouldn’t give his daughter consent…
All I could picture was the summer of 1899
When Princess Catherine Radziwiłł was making advances on Cecil Rhodes
Surprisingly finding myself empathising with the fact that she later had his signature forged and the consequences she thereafter endured

Then I suddenly snapped out of the imaginarium
When I heard “Don’t ask me about morals, only money. I’m a mogul!”
And I realised the negotiations were still ongoing
She continued to defy him but was dignified in doing so
But I had lost all patience and was starting to have my doubts about our hopes…
Still, I was never one to lose control so I just remained quiet and kept composed

In some weird way, I also quite enjoyed observing a character with such extreme protectionist views just spewing out in a tantrum

In the end, he did however agree to fund our endeavour
Insisting we spend the following days at his estate finalising the details
Which I admit made me quite uncomfortable
Despite the fancy furnishings and appeal of his modern Groote Schuur


© Heath Muchena, 2016


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