The Path to Prolific

Walking on the cobblestone pavement leading to the city’s gates in my Birkenstock Jesus Shoes.

However, I shepherd no flock and make no use of an entourage so when I make my entrance into the royal courts of the literary battleground, it will be I, my mind’s tools, and of course divine providence.

And should you live long enough to witness, pray we all do, maybe one day it will all make sense… the more I learn to lower my defenses. But should the pressure to earn my place in the space prove too much, I’ll only need remember that I am art, and intensity is a creative force which makes precious stones.

In any case, whether they shine like crystal balls or remain in a sacred state of the unearthed, what really matters is the path each one of us – gems of this planet – takes. And I hope yours too, will be in the direction of truth, for all our sakes.


© Heath Muchena, 2016

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