The urge to communicate
By far outweighs the reputational risk I have to take
To get my message across and express to you – Scarlet

So here I confess
And hope that you don’t take offence at my attempt
But instead give me this one chance for what it’s worth
Because no longer can I remain in this curious state

And I’m not asking for a taste
At least not just yet
But if you come with me on this date
I promise it will be an experience we both will never forget

And in the case that things don’t go as you’d expect
Then your wishes I will totally honour and respect
Because I’m not one for regrets
And I’d even be happy to remain as just friends

Not to say that I’m not confident
But I’m certainly the kind of man who can take the red with a tinge of orange


© Heath Muchena, 2016

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