Race to Success

out on the tracks
on some Bill Hicks ‘it’s just a ride’ $”!+
racing to success
running the streets
from the year two zero one six
’til we are the latter feet deep
and on that note, tonight we celebrate our partnership
and a future which looks o, so sweet


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Bringing Beauty Back

I was made aware of time, date, and place well in advance, so I left my pad early to avoid arriving late, or leave any room for debate, let alone give those opposed a chance to find flaw and consequently discredit my efforts because there was a lot at stake.

The meeting which was scheduled for 12:30 pm was going to be make or break, and leading up to that moment, I kept thinking how ironic – for that was to be my opportunity to really set the record straight.

So as I took centre stage to present to the principal and his band of architects, who were clearly circumspect, and fearful of being laid off for dissent, I looked around at the faces around the boardroom, trying to take stock… soaking in the atmosphere to decide the pace of my performance, matching mood with the nature of event and choosing the appropriate communication tact.

Even though everything was happening in an instant, what I could perceive during the process however, were some characters who seemed inept but also others who I could sense would be much in agreement with the steps I was about to suggest and which they’d have to take in order to truly effect the changes necessary to improve not only the business but their overall work.

I also figured the situation called for the establishment of common ground and I had to speak their language if I was to have any chance at success. So although it wasn’t part of the presentation, I saw it fitting to go off script and do what I’d always done best, which was to bridge the gaps and make all parties realise what making the investment would give the firm in return, how significant the benefits would be, and what my proposition was really worth.

It felt appropriate so I just began with John le Carré’s statement that “a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world” and that we all had to think outside the existing structure. Then I continued to break down the facts and figures from my meticulous research, fused with some improvised anecdotes which I knew they could all relate to, and adding some light touches of humour for instance, I made mention of Jonathan Ive’s days designing a bidet for Ideal Standard, which was met with laughter amid the intense arrangement. At the back of my mind, echoes from my preparation rang… persuade, persuade, persuade!

Once I’d said all I had to, I wrapped up by highlighting that building and engineering without consideration of beauty can never result in the erection of those edifices deemed as architecture, since the term itself implies a form of art, and not just mere construction.

I wasn’t sure I had done enough, but I knew that I’d sparked something in them which could stir debate and possibly steer them towards making a decision that was fair and that would enrich us all. And although there was no ovation or cheer, there was nonetheless a different air in the room and apparent excitement.

Now all that was left to do was to wait on the formal feedback, but I had a feeling I had just managed to bring beauty back.


The written piece is a work of the imagination. Inspired by profession, but not related to the entity hereby displayed.

© Heath Muchena, 2016

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Love Lodestar (v)

in your presence i escape my mind and come alive
anxieties subside and i’m one with nature that it’s no longer outside

also start to appreciate the treasures i have
and can perceive the illusion of want
so that there’s no separating me from the feeling
which is like to heaven ascending


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Mainstay Minutes iv

I know you have doubts
But time will fix that

And since life is a force to which you must adjust
For peace of mind’s sake, I sincerely hope you’ll have no regrets

And if I must speak for self, I’d just like to stress
That I’m past the point of youthful dreaming… still, this path I embrace

Henceforth, I set my own targets
Because in my line of work, my best is yet to manifest

So while they’re busy estimating my worth
And you, who lack faith, ponder if talent or not I possess

On my pages – another sentence
All for art’s sake… until my dues have been paid and a museum they erect for my pieces as though they were Arnault’s art acquisitions


© Heath Muchena, 2016

11 Cantaloupe Crescent

shape so symmetrical
but with a fault line running through the middle
such that one side was smooth and sensual
and the other – cruel and intentional

unpredictable and unstable
yet I believe she truly wanted to settle
s’pose I chose to see it as just some kind of orogenesis
like a plate crumpled and forced upwards to create a mountain range

a wonder made out of nature’s defect
with perfectly patterned skin sticking to the flesh and concealing the not so attractive mess beneath

but the damage I could still see regardless…
and sensed that her hurt pierced deeper than the protective sheath of her pedigree

so even though I couldn’t tell what wavelength or degree of hue was in the colour space
more than a clue – I had the most crucial detail needed to solve the mystery of this stunning and seductive lass whose favourite was an orange silk satin dress

and it felt like I’d finally cracked the code to her grand design
hashtag FF7F00 on the Hex triplet


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Bedside Review ii

let there be less pathos and more profundity in your poetry
and show more of that strength which to me you’ve always exhibited
instead of having a plethora of weaknesses fill the pages

but is not the revelation of man’s imperfection what turns a mere portrait into a work of art?


© Heath Muchena, 2016

A Beauteous Soul… West of Woebegone

when I look at the world and all its woes
it only makes me appreciate you more
and if love truly conquers all
then the wise choice would be for me to hold on and never let you go

and say we took the right road which to union bliss goes
instead of that without the comfort of companionship which the lonely will inevitably trod
it must be paramount then – that more than just your beauty but your soul
my heart should have admiration for


© Heath Muchena, 2016

triumph is time- sensitive, not -tested

triumph is attributable to the tenacity of a vision’s possessor
one that can perceive before captivating a crowd’s mental condition to their ends’ favour

therefore, be daring and unshakeable in your endeavour
and against all odds you shall tower
leaving those who judge and condemn you for being less than a paragon of virtue bemused, if not sour

because see, to appeal to man and his nature
your flaws you must not let hinder
as and when they are exhumed
in fact, emotion you must be able to exude
and to their innermost desires you must cater

also, realise that deep inside
man knows there’s no such thing as good without the other
and often they will preclude where they sense a spirit of entitlement to power


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Half Past Primrose Path

it was twilight, between sunset and dusk
and the sky was orange-masked
magnifying the majesty of a moment already filled with romance and lust

and it was just us
no one to take us to task
thus we did our best not to look through the centre of the convex lense to preserve the prismatic effect
and make it last


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Feed

While innocence, by growth, is sullied
Lasting love, like success, cannot be hurried

And doubt, the child of comparison, is never in reality valid
However, every outcome will be determined by the quality of the feed

So take in only the good for that you’ll need
To inspire your every deed, and once that becomes habit
You can exist in peace without worry and be truly freed


© Heath Muchena, 2016