The Right Rationale

plain desires
so easily gratified
in civilised states

are nothing more
than rationalised acts
too common in the wild

and should one observe they’d find
that everything we romanticise
is what nature supplies

so we impose limits
on life and love
in order to capture experience


© Heath Muchena, 2016


Masterclass at the Centre for Success

a glass of something Sauvignon
and toast to the year ended and ahead
forward-looking reminder to self that hardwork is a must
if powers I’m to amass
the Étienne Davignon way

because to aspire one has to first dream big
as did Fahd Al-Rasheed while building the world’s first publicly listed city

so now it’s time for me to play ball on the hard surface
like I’m Murray at the BNP Paribas Masters
in order that one day all my efforts
will be justified with championship status


© Heath Muchena, 2016

The Case of Killian Hill vs The State (v)

Setting: offices of Giles & Jerico Actuarial Practice

Killian Hill, high net worth individual – client of Giles & Jerico
Giles Goldstein, personal wealth manager

I suppose you’re already aware of the new administration’s tax repatriation plan…

Of course, perfect time to move some cash back into the US.

Good for business yes, but not sure about the trickle down economics claims.

Speaking as a man of wealth, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the words ‘for public benefit’ simply allude to a ‘no liability ransack’ and in this case it just means we (the rich) can use the cash for share buybacks, and cement our power even further. And I hope you’re already on top of things?

No need to panic. I’ve got it under control.

Gimme detail!

All right then, I’ve left most of the funds in the Cayman Islands in situ for now until I have clearer insight into post-Brexit volatility. However, I am moving some money out of Europe and selling off some FTSE shares to make sure we’re liquid since the S&P 500 is bound to boom in buybacks.

Well, okay. Do what you gotta…

Hark! It’s done. Don’t worry. Have some festive season fun, will ya?

I will, if you can guarantee there won’t be any controversies. Clean transactions. How about that!

Got it, no Razak – 1MDB scandal type of biz – none of that! All pizzazz!

Psst! Giles please, save it! As long as I’ve known you, you’re always optimistic this time of year. You call it festive spirit, I call it big bonus buzz. So don’t get too comfortable or this year’s might just be the last!


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Concatenation of Creations

each year begins with something of a string theory to start off
as if to simply say “hello, world”

and daily the artful demise I will stave off
even when my passion is buried under gravel

because the only ending I forsee is my heavenly lift off
but even then the word will be reincarnated in another universe parallel


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Remember December

The fertile plains of optimism
We have traversed
In a year gone by
And so without another ism
Or line rehearsed
Sincerely I do hope that our connection has been made stronger

Shortcomings made self-evident
And other vulnerabilities laid bare
All for the purposes of exploring the human condition

Who knew self-revelation could be the foundation for communication
Let alone inspiration

I won’t say so long
But rather make a call
For all to remember that the responsibility of an unburdened artist
Is to express their creativity openly
With the understanding that influence is one element of social engineering
So that all this big data
Consists of the future building components
Which will turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of Beings


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Chasing Carmen ii

I listened to her every word
Despite the noise in the room
I’ll admit it took some effort
To perfect the cocktail party effect
Still I kept thinking
I’ll get the hang of it pretty soon
And sure enough I did
Now that she had my complete attention

So as a gentle flower’s bloom
Our conversations matured
Beyond what our tongues could dissect
As if nature had sealed our fate
In order that we could experience such intimate feelings

But then soon after
I heard a bang… and again came the boom
The art of more had brought me much love indeed

Only to realise once we got separated
That she was everything I’d ever needed

And now it doesn’t even matter how many catch my eye
For it seems I’m forever chasing


© Heath Muchena, 2016

Harlequin Horizons

if preference implies prejudice
then guilty i should be found
for wanting what my heart desperately craves

these flesh filled feelings
i am made of

desires i cannot reduce
or disguise in the crevices of heartbreak

like a lover’s sweet lips
which hide the truth in a word
spoken from the hips

the lies
minds screwed loose

cobra pose… my favourite asana
peace sign for the cause… her legs to the heavens

by the romantic life we abide
and use to procreate


© Heath Muchena, 2016