Masterclass at the Centre for Success

a glass of something Sauvignon
and toast to the year ended and ahead
forward-looking reminder to self that hardwork is a must
if powers I’m to amass
the Étienne Davignon way

because to aspire one has to first dream big
as did Fahd Al-Rasheed while building the world’s first publicly listed city

so now it’s time for me to play ball on the hard surface
like I’m Murray at the BNP Paribas Masters
in order that one day all my efforts
will be justified with championship status


© Heath Muchena, 2016

2 Comments on “Masterclass at the Centre for Success”

  1. Will all the hard work be justified and the result worth it?

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  2. I of July says:

    Very good question. Justified and worth it to one but possibly not to another. Purpose and value and perceptibles, I think. We all dream different and what one man deems of worth another will care less for it. The individual can only answer for themselves.


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