The Right Rationale

plain desires
so easily gratified
in civilised states

are nothing more
than rationalised acts
too common in the wild

and should one observe they’d find
that everything we romanticise
is what nature supplies

so we impose limits
on life and love
in order to capture experience


© Heath Muchena, 2016

6 Comments on “The Right Rationale”

  1. This reminds me of William Blake’s statement about the doors of perception. So true.

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  2. I of July says:

    He was one of the best. Songs of Innocence and Experience is a masterpiece.


  3. Wonderful piece! Happy New Year to you and yours. Best always, Elaina

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  4. One question: who are “we” who impose?
    Censored or self-censored?
    Or maybe I misunderstand and it is something else?

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  5. I of July says:

    Hi Elaina, Happy New Year to you too and thank you for the lovely comment. Looking forward to join in on your journey and hope to read your new work soon.

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  6. I of July says:

    Happy New Year. Hope you had a lovely holiday. By “we” I personally was referring to “humanity/us/our nature” – so I would think that encompasses all forms ie. ‘self-sensored’ by the social construct but also ultimately ‘censored’ by nature since nature becomes what consciousness designs. The final stanza is to me nothing more than a comment on how “we” create boundaries as we try to tame the “animal” that is “man” or how “time” is created by the simple desire to preserve a moment of perpetual motion which is what we call “experience”. So my observation is that man is a refined animal but one nonetheless just as time is only a measure of the eternal but also the same. Hope that makes sense.


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