Dreams Don’t Die

all I ever wanted as a kid
was to ride around in a Mercedes-Benz like Dr Zetsche
listening to MJ with a pretty young thing on the passenger side; her hair blowing in the wind
while she feeds me cotton candy and gives me plenty sweet kisses on my cheek

but somehow, somewhere, sometime
in between being sixteen and thirty
priorities took a shift that I even forgot all about that ride I used to fancy
and encountered many beautiful ladies and yet all so different
which in fact made the idea of having one of a kind seem as if it’d somewhat backfired
for now I’m struggling to take a pick
and I’m still not even quite certain if I ever want to get married

suppose one could say a commitment is the last thing on my mind
since I’m forever on the grind trying my best to put aside some funds
in order that my future progeny I’ll be able to feed and provide for their every basic need
but also that they can have something leftover to inherit

and then there are a thousand other goals I hope to achieve
that this journey got me feeling as if life is taking me for a spin
and I start to wonder if the negation of ambition is not the real definition of being freed
or whether I have it all twisted when it comes to understanding
the true essence of what it means to succeed


© Heath Muchena, 2017


6 Comments on “Dreams Don’t Die”

  1. lostinmist says:

    That ‘many ladies’ were ‘all so different’ speaks For one-of-a-kind -ness not against, in my formal logic-set theory view. Additionally, not lack of vision, but ‘equanimity’ which I recall from translations of canonical taoists. Wiktionary only quotes Einstein (today) but the sense is not just so. But how hard is it to stick sense to just so in a world that does not hold a death grip on Zen catmas?


  2. I of July says:

    I absolutely agree and I actually considered it. The line which follows affirms that but also highlights the dilemma hence the ‘it backfired remark’. Hope that clarifies it? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the sentence “Additionally, not a… taoists.” – what about it? Unless the last sentence “sense to just so” is referring to your mention of equanimity? Not sure I quite understand but happy for you to enlighten me. 😁


  3. I never did buy into the “save it up, before having a child” schtick. Our son came, and the money to properly raise him, followed. It was not always easy, but neither is supporting only oneself.

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  4. I of July says:

    True talk RighteousOne, a man will say anything to justify his flight from responsibility. You’re absolutely right. It’s more of an excuse than anything. Better to admit not being ready but then again that could be another excuse. Maybe it’s a lack of desire for it. Perhaps the wisdom that comes with age will reveal.


  5. vivachange77 says:

    I think my life’s journey is best described as writing crooked in a straight line. Or the Shaker way of “turn, turn until you come out right”.

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  6. I of July says:

    Write on wonderful woman, it shall indeed come out right! 😁


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