The Great Adore: A Granite Pedestal

Setting: Whaleback Way, Matobo Hills
Personae: Two Tourists – Anaïs & Vincent

it’s plain to see that you still want more
but you’re already a mogul, dear husband
why do you want it all?

the name Vincent Bolloré will be bigger Rhodes’
true – I want this granite pedestal
even if I have to buy the next government so I can exhume his remains
so that when I’m no more, therein mine will lie
insides lined with bible paper
but instead of brass, my gravetop will be covered in gold
now, you tell me – is that such a sin?
I’ve already instructed Bataung Memorials to make the QR code for my tombstone
it’s your duty to write a great biography, your legacy shall be granted on that condition
you do realise we only have one life to live don’t you, dear wife?

yes love, but…

so why shouldn’t I be the master of my own destiny?


Heath Muchena, 2017


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