Inspiration Everywhere

The poetry of business
Is surely the business of poetry

And in my pursuit of excellence
I’ve encountered profiles of many men who
Have certain qualities I consider worth emulating

Just last weekend I measured myself up against
David Rubenstein – for what it’s worth
Thinking how I’d also give away the wealth
If I’m ever fortunate enough to amass

Even though I’m currently facing growth challenges
To which I’m trying to adapt
Through market-based self-management
You’d think I was Charles Koch or some such…

In any case, if much doesn’t make sense
Just take that as a negation of purpose on my part

And please pardon me
For I beg thee, do not be incensed
At the structure – as you critique what I compose
Or at the metaphors – there is order to the randomness of choice
And on this night it so happens these are the designs of my imagination
So here it goes

And you’re welcome to come along for the ride
But you should first set your mind free before you conceptualise
Be Gerry McGovern for a moment
Enjoy the natural high

And I, will continue to write
In between taking tokes of my homegrown Quinnington gold leaf
Clouds in the sky
Scheming of ways to get rich

I hope you’ve figured out how, you too, will get yours
And if not, just ask Lloyd Blankfein

You see, the business of poetry
Is undoubtedly the poetry of business


Heath Muchena, 2017

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