Saving Sienna

Sienna sweetheart, please come down to earth

last time I checked
you thought I was the worst
even told me in the flesh
how you had no feelings left…

fast-forward 600 days
now I can’t get any rest
inundated with your requests
but your reasons for wanting me back don’t even make any sense

truth be told, and though I hate to say it, seems you’re still a mess

wish there was some way I could help
but maybe it’s best if this time around you learn to save yourself


Heath Muchena, 2017


the sound of rain pelting down

harmonious splatters of liquid against the window pane

a dim bedside lamp

Smokey’s A Quiet Storm playing in the back…

then out of nowhere appears a goddess in glossy grape

her gracious movement flawlessly highlighting the drape of the dress


Heath Muchena, 2017

Penman Blues iv

she wanted a lover
the Muscle Beach kind from 1940s Santa Monica
but he was no acrobat
just another writer


Heath Muchena, 2017

equal is only a symbol

Before he could ever hope to create a work with universal appeal
He knew it was essential to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the human universals
In order to discover a universal language
And then speak to their ideals

So on his quest he sought to empathise with the experiences of others
And learn to appreciate the subtle and not so subtle differences
Treating all beings as equals


Heath Muchena, 2017

Of Qualities

Attention is matter of degree
As much as focus is an affair of extent
In the same way fidelity is a concept of culture
While commitment is of nature’s creative impetus


Heath Muchena, 2017

A Nation of Inanition

one would be mistaken
to assume there’s a correlation between technological proliferation and widespread compassion

because on the contrary
the lack of genuine sensitivity
as evidenced by a people’s preferences
when you explore what captures their interests
and their participation in the creation of what ultimately becomes popular

the disconnected concern
the empty awareness and careless candour
objective observances of the world’s plight which never compel one to act

but act s/he will
as long as there’s a promise of pleasure


Heath Muchena, 2017

Tenets of Temperament

Pertaining to the satisfaction derived from the attainment of success
Having had humble beginnings seems to pay the highest dividend

While a life of perpetual comfort as you’d expect
Always comes at a cost
And what’s it all worth if ultimately you eliminate all wants?
Living nothing to be desired except power over common folk, the weak and those willing to be controlled
The only expense now worthy of your pursuit

a nervous calm
and quiet confidence

healthy fear
and unusual common sense

are the elements that encourage providence
and preserve your self-respect

a currency more valuable than most other forms of wealth one can ever hope to possess


Heath Muchena, 2017

Architects of Decadence

He had no other option
But to do what was necessary
In order that he did not end up one of the many at the mercy of the capitalists’ propensity for manipulation

When they fix the rate of labour low
While circling the bounds of ethical law
To reap almost all the benefit from production
Laying claim to the energies of everyone involved
And in exchange providing minimum compensation
To the desperate masses who are often in denial

When they hoard the bulk of the bounty offshore like the Ricardo Master Fund
Low balling…

When the architects of decadence are in action


Heath Muchena, 2017

Grand Purpose

Concerning their coming to a consensus
It has become obvious
That each individual is quite convinced what they have in their mind is true

But are they equally certain the other has the same thing in mind?
Or that either has the proper understanding of the terms and are not of different interpretations?

Such are the challenges language gives rise to
Still, what either man experiences
That is, when they are aware or they feel
Will naturally be conveyed through language
Since it is impossible to be aware or to feel
Without knowing that you are aware or you feel

So then, when they use superfluous language
Instead of expressing pure facts which consciousness discerns
How can they even hope to recognise their own thoughts and beliefs…
If exposed to worldly ambiguities without ever searching inside the depths of soul for true insight?

Are not the unbiased beliefs of a people what make up an honest language?

The sayings of those without special interests or peculiar desire for influence, doctrine or grand purpose…
Do they not have the highest resonance?

Plain, simple terms


Heath Muchena, 2017

Zora, Forever.

Too busy living
I missed the news of your engagement
Just so happened this weekend
Finally got round to checking your Instagram
Only to find out that you had a ring on that special finger
On your left hand

Have to admit
Had me in my feelings for a moment
As I started reminiscing
Thinking what if things had been different

But I take responsibility for what happened
And your lover was lucky to find a diamond in the open
Since our relationship had ended
All because I wasn’t ready for commitment

And even though I lost you princess
I wish you nothing but love, happiness and infinite blessings


Heath Muchena, 2017