The Pascha Parental Pep Talk

You’re blessed with the brains to build a bulge bracket bank if you want to, so quit mocking the almighty with that pitiful attitude and be thankful for the genius in your blood. Never doubt yourself again. Boy, you better remember your name!

You believe in me more than I believe in myself sometimes, ma’am. I won’t let you down, I swear. I’ll break new barriers and even surpass Tidjane Thiam because I’m mind, body and soul deep in this game. They’ll sure remember our name!

Now, that’s more like my son!



Heath Muchena, 2017

Looking Easterly

History’s part in the creation, perpetuation and influence over the interpretation of symbols is somewhat of an inconvenient but necessary phenomenon, for the simple reason that without it, so many curiosities would be misplaced.


Heath Muchena, 2017

Mint Channel iii

more than anything in the world
I want money
gold, currency, salt
more than Mansa Musa of Mali

don’t you see? the demand for money
can only be limited by your means as the purchaser
and there’ll always be present a desire in the consumer
for as much money as can be got
contrary to the demand for other things which is always limited

and yet, consumption remains the great end and goal of all human effort, no?

consumption yes
but the creation of capital too
you see, profits don’t always rise with progress
in fact, they often don’t
and if you apply thought to reality you’d discover
that land property which we peg at a level
in order to measure wealth
is originally a gift of nature
belonging to no one man
but capital however, is the product of human effort

ah, and a great possession indeed!


Heath Muchena, 2017

dress: the sine qua non of sex appeal

when he met her
she had on a beautiful isabelline dress
heels that matched it
and a icterine purse

and every moment he spent with her from that point on…
made his heart warm
igniting a passionate flair for all things associated with romance

and with each type he’d discover and appreciate something unique
about her pretty form
as if witnessing matter assume the finest properties
made possible by a perfect rearrangement of wool, cotton, silk or other particles
peculiarly woven into stylish cloths
to adorn her godly figure

giving her a gorgeous appearance
and gracious look
so attractive and adorable she was his ultimate temptation
the one to finally inspire him to tie the knot
just so that everyday he could watch her take the garments off


Heath Muchena, 2017

Summit Special: A Meeting at Mar-a-Lago

Xi: so, we finally meet
Trump: isn’t that great?
Xi: frankly, you’ve been talking a lot of shi* of late, trying to make me sweat, huh?
Trump: big league!
Xi: well, it’s not going to work… so stop with the threats
Trump: believe me, things will change
Xi: yes, they must… and remember it’s not only America that wants to be great
Trump: but America first
Xi: nonsense, not if you don’t accept the one China policy or compromise on trade and of course, the South China Sea
Trump: make no mistake, if it comes down to it, I will not hesitate…
Xi: now just stop right there, don’t forget you need us to keep Kim tamed
Trump: that rogue sure needs to be kept in check but it’s in your greater interests to keep NK from becoming a totally failed state otherwise you may end up with a democracy right at your doorstep, and that will be the beginning of the end, wouldn’t it?
Xi: no need to further explain, I get it
Trump: and don’t think I will not annihilate if he begins to really pose a  serious threat
Xi: are you talking nuclear weapons
Trump: oh no, just robots with no Ethical Governor, that will do the trick!
Xi: point taken
Trump: big win! until next time we meet
Xi: zàijiàn


Heath Muchena, 2017

Purpose vs Principle

I’m not in it for the loot…

say what you may, but make no excuse, money is a form of wealth, which at once can be converted to any use

but I’m really in this to find truth
and of course harvest the fruits that my labours produce

trust, that may be so
still, in truth there’s always an exchange nonetheless

… exchange for what, my creativity?

you see, exchangeable value is created from energy exerted into an effort
when utility is given to matter
so that it becomes wealth

but I’m not in it for the love of the loot

then I’m afraid you mistook purpose for principle


Heath Muchena, 2017

Bird in a Trap

Even the bird has to flap its wings in order to fly
So why then, if you have hopes and dreams
Do you not even try?


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Diamond Debate

wealth is all that I desire as useful and delightful

o, shut up! shallow well
sure you’re not a descendant of Lord Lauderdale?

whether coin or plate
it always comes down to value and volume
the only elements that hold weight

o, my word!
you never account for intent or context do you?
know what – I don’t even think Google Hummingbird can save you

to hell with your ridicule
who cares what you think
I only fancy pink
can’t you tell? I’m a star diamond

is that so?
well then, let’s wait to see what price you fetch!


Heath Muchena, 2017

Black Gold Fields

to have participatory influence
and own a stake in combined effort
while still remaining independent
was what he’d all along sought

to provide self with sustenance
without allowing time to be cheaply bought
and above all, to always apply common sense
especially when in the midst of society’s daily fought battles for survival

to work hard
and run the black gold fields better than Paal Kibsgaard


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Betrayer of Beneficence

Having read through the entire Digest of the Civil Law
All things firmly understood
He established the view
That money was that which the State declared to be so

Consequently, in all his dealings the notion was reinforced
And he was enable to accumulate more than necessary to maintain even the highest levels of comfort
Through acts which were perfectly legal
Although elevated ethics had clearly been set aside

Also he thought
That he was free to exploit
Since conduct was guided by constitutional capitalistic codes
And the core focus of his activities was to find loopholes
Within the crevices of what was already written in stone


Heath Muchena, 2017