if you don’t strive to become a good businessman
forget about being a successful artist


Heath Muchena, 2017


2 Comments on “80.3”

  1. They do go hand in hand, do they not? We could call it “The Art of Business,” to appease the squeamish. There is an art to business, too, and you can do it while maintaining personal integrity. There seems to be a social prejudice against self-promotion. I’m wrestling with it now. I guess a key is to maintain confidence without becoming arrogant.

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  2. I of July says:

    Indeed they do. You’re spot on. I never could understand arrogance – I’m my biggest critic. Truthfully, I hardly read what I write. As far as self-promotion – if you don’t put yourself out there and get your efforts noticed then you
    might do yourself and the world a disservice. We are all here to serve one another. Thanks for your engagement. I appreciate your comments. Always engaging 🌸 🌷 💐

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