Of Qualities Too

The exercise of gratitude can make you both physically and mentally fit because it keeps desire in check, protects you from harmful indulgence, and shields you from the detrimental effects of selfish discontent. In fact, an appreciative attitude is the greatest aptitude, and the best quality you can exude.


Heath Muchena, 2017


5 Comments on “Of Qualities Too”

  1. Appreciation, of all that is offered with a good heart, is essential in life.

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  2. I of July says:

    You ain’t never lie, RighteousOne.


  3. janetsm says:

    Very well said! Taking all the blessings of life for granted will take us down a road of thinking we deserve all we have and more. Being grateful for every morsel of food we eat, the clean water we have to drink every day, and our health will lead us to contentment.

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  4. I of July says:

    Well said Janet. That is so true. Thanks for your contribution.

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  5. janetsm says:

    You’re welcome!

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