On Thought Processes and the Problem of Values

The best way, I find, to further a goal or realise a vision is to focus on the story. What one wishes to express – through the sort of life they lead.

And if there’s one ingredient crucial in the cultivation of creativity, then surely, it is that quality of being honest with self. Personal aggrandisement never carries true merit; and to take the high road requires a great deal of humility.

So, knowing that you must now ensure pride never gets in the way of your story’s essence. And understand that trials do in fact add to the glory.

Let your reality be imbued with the promise of your dreams because the grander the ideal, the easier it will be to fit the shoes you’re trying to fill.

But remember, the pursuit of grand application of ideas through experiment can sometimes mirror educational brilliance devoid of ethical substance.

So be always true to your word, but do not be afraid of change. And should you let your limited wisdom inform your every action; or decide to traverse the terrain of the temporal instead of having noble aspirations, know that your success too will be short-lived like Hendrik Verwoerd’s.


Heath Muchena, 2017

4 Comments on “On Thought Processes and the Problem of Values”

  1. lostinmist says:

    Some might say the key to creativity is quantity over quality. Certainly the way of pouring onto the page unconcerned has fueled my fire. 100 sketches beat one never-started large painting; no need to wait for perfect ideas. “No Plot, No Problem” goes into extensive detail (book by the founder of National Novel Writing Month). The supposed self honesty can emerge through time with the unfettered scribbling. No need to ruminate over the accuracies of each phrase, and no need to show them without review and reflection. But laying down the lines progressively helps, fretting over real-time reworks is fraught with writers’ blocks. Paper discourages extensively chopping the impulses up before enough time has passed to really see them true.

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  2. vivachange77 says:

    I think focusing on the story is a sound base for writing. When I have a story in my mind clearly I can be sure that when I go to write it the story will guide my way.

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  3. I of July says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful passage. I apologise for the late response. I have only since resurfaced from near death by work week 🙂


  4. I of July says:

    True indeed. It always does. No such thing as creative control in that sense i.e. I hope you will forgive my late reply dear friend. Life has recently left not a second for anything other than work. I’m looking forward to catching up on your work too. Have a nice weekend.


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