On the Road to Reign ii: Randlord Route

The road to success is often strewn with struggles and full of obstacles along its course. Some unpredictable and others signposted. But all which are bound to put your will to the test; as though you were Barney Barnato who had to walk for months just to get to the Kimberley diamond fields.

Whatever challenges you’re faced with; those are the hurdles you’ll need to overcome in order to win the race. So, always be prepared to meet opportunity with zeal and be ready to do whatever it takes to seal the deal.

Maintain an unwavering optimism and have unwaning enthusiasm. Be confident that one day success will leave a sweet taste on your tongue – all flavours you desire abound.


Heath Muchena, 2017


if you don’t strive to become a good businessman
forget about being a successful artist


Heath Muchena, 2017

Of Qualities Too

The exercise of gratitude can make you both physically and mentally fit because it keeps desire in check, protects you from harmful indulgence, and shields you from the detrimental effects of selfish discontent. In fact, an appreciative attitude is the greatest aptitude, and the best quality you can exude.


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Shallow Lot

In order to know what was really on their minds, I decided to take a seat at the table and listen to their cant about culture over a Musang King durian dessert, which surprisingly didn’t offend my olfactory as much as I’d feared prior to having a taste.

But it didn’t take me long to realise that I was in the company of a shallow lot, who only seemed to take pleasure in fault-finding, as if that was the very fruit of their passions.

And the exercise of their thoughts, as expressed through language choice, was clearly not elevated. Their insults too, only served to reveal a lack of courage and the misapplication of intentions.


Heath Muchena, 2017

Winona’s Web

search engines make it all too easy to invade privacy
and my curiosity is tempting me into typing her name you see

but I hope by making this confession she’ll pardon me
since my heart is already at her mercy


Heath Muchena, 2017

This Working Thing viii

Creativity manifests in the exercise of passions
The communication of thoughts and ideas
And through exertion.

I am what I do
And to some that might sound all too pitiful.
But art is truly my heart.
Every rhythm, each beat, all the pieces and parts.
Beyond devotion, vocation, obsession…

My very existence!

So in all honesty I never quite understood ‘this working thing
Because as far as I’m concerned there’s never really been any other option.
And without this activity I may as well be in a coffin.

So here’s to living and never hoping.

To embodying the calling!


Heath Muchena, 2017