Surety Backed Confidence

Out in the cold

Holding a coffee cup by the zarf

No scarf around the neck

Or woolly to keep the dome warm

Thinking the driver better get here quick

Before I freeze my bits off trying to look like Fugger the Rich

At the fancy gathering where they’ll be talking productivity

Not that I need tips – having just finished a 98-hour work week

But since I’m intrigued by Ms…

And also wouldn’t mind learning more about the open secrets of lobbyists

I’ll bravely take on the weather

In this uncomfortable attire

Just to avoid evoking sartorial displeasure

Besides, I’ll not give them the satisfaction they seek from casual distractions

For I know all too well no one can escape the shallow scrutiny

Of those that instead of counting on you, will count you out

That rather than look up to you, will look to discredit you

The ride finally arrives

Now I’m on my way to the event

In the Uber thinking how excited I am to see her in her element

And how sweet that she makes my pride take a back seat


A distinguished woman indeed

Her reputation – speckless

Her standing – untarnished

I know no one, other than Margarita Simonyan, to have a grip on the publicity machine the way she does

And with her a bond or trust can be discussed with surety backed confidence


The other side of the brain scheming

So that I never have to face a forced exit like Travis

Thinking perhaps trust from partners I shouldn’t so much expect

But in business you don’t need trust, only cooperation


Never cared for a reputation

For what it’s worth

Too preoccupied with my own thoughts to worry about what they make of me

Besides I’m known for laying all bare

That old saying ‘what you see is what you get’

Naked truth disclosures I can afford

Since I make my living independent of they


Moving on

The ride approaches the destination

But I get the sense it is just the beginning

Wondering if tonight my love she’ll request



Heath Muchena, 2017

You don’t have to wait in line!

© Heath Muchena, 2017

To fear a shadow 

Opportunity exists upon identification
And I find self motivated by mortality
Experiencing the magic of creation
On my quest to understand
What I wouldn’t otherwise without the curiosity of expression
Which casts light on the veil of ignorance


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Sound of Scholastic Sophistry

I calmly listened to their undeveloped theories regarding the value of money
Some which were clearly not thought through and others that simply exposed their unfamiliarity with the political economy
But their pugnacious demeanours made one cautious of publicly questioning their acatallactic doctrines
Besides I’m no pedagogue
And for the sake of my reputation and to avoid causing a scene
I remained unnoticeably indifferent to the unpalatable business lunch talk

It wasn’t a monk fruit – matter of taste – type of scenario
Anyone less self-absorbed than this bunch could’ve easily realised
That their belief in the value of money coinciding with the value of the pecuniary material was deeply flawed
As were the other specious arguments put forth
So unsound they could not stand the test of scrutiny

Never in my life had I ever witnessed such high degrees of scholastic sophistry
But at least my time wasn’t totally wasted
The experience inspired this writing


Heath Muchena, 2017

Weight Exchange

As the mint men made money worse as a commodity in order to make it better as a medium of exchange
He was securing the bag by any means necessary, with her help

And they’d never let anyone take the southern bluefin tuna steak with kiwano dressing off their plates
They’d worked too many late nights to give up any share

Swore they’d feast to the death
Whatever it’d take to have Kuwaiti dinars everyday
And stay heavyweights on every gauge

The $100 bills – 22 pounds
€500 notes about 3
All off the books

A load of 1000 Swiss francs taped to her body
At the airport – Visa swipe
Signed off paperwork – left hand

No seigniorage or demurrage


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Equality of Responsibility

the equality of responsibility as an issue pertaining to humanity
unless achieved in law and action
will always remain a logical fallacy
much like the notion that being thought to be not afraid constitutes bravery
or that the wealth of the Sassoon family was amassed legitimately

so the artist who given licence
has choice of what weight of responsibility to carry
and although potent his poetry may be
or opulent her melody
without honesty
it’s tantamount to propaganda, pillory, praise, conspiracy, fantasy…
since it all comes down to who you are
not what you wish to become
and only through action is your humanity fully exhibited

whether you are an Edison or Westinghouse…
ultimately, it’s what you do it for
that will be the true measure of your contribution


Heath Muchena, 2017

Mulberry Mews

the world’s conniving
and it’s cold outside

I’d rather stay here
where it’s warm
inside you
all night

before tomorrow arrives
and I shall be inclined to return to the mine
to work and earn my ether
an endeavour which may take forever

but to decentralise and self-govern is destiny
like an application on the Ethereum blockchain

so who am I to go against the grain?
I was born to be free and staying would eventually give me fetter pains

pardon my utterances if they’ve become cryptic all of a sudden
it’s just that I’d rather not spoil the evening – this moment
by telling you what I’ve been withholding

that by sunrise
I’m to journey to a land of fire and mud volcanoes
way out there in Azerbaijan
where I shall be on assignment before proceeding to Uzbekistan
to view the Savitsky Collection

o, believe me woman
to be so far away from you for so long
is to slice the heart open

and as I stand here now on our bedroom balcony
smoking this organic golden leaf grown in granitic loam
while you curl up on the daybed looking at me
unawares you’ve just inspired a poem

letter forms and written words retrieved from memory as I create

thinking how the world’s conniving
and how cold it is outside

I’d rather come there
where it’s warm
inside with you


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Labour Act

At first I just wanted to know what it felt like to be rich
That was before I started to perceive the gains largely as means by which to afford the privilege to ideate

Oh yes, that is true of wealth
It sure helps to make ideas reality

Indeed. Think what insanity…
To conceive ideas one can never realise

The wise always have a safety guarantee before pushing an agenda that is right

So you agree it all comes down to money matters?

Well, if that is true by every measure then so too would be the desired outcome of every intentional act of labour!


Heath Muchena, 2017

House of Halyott

Who would have thought
That the work of his hand
Would be in such high demand

H-seal stamped all over contracts
Confident in the strengths – time and again proven
But continuing to lay brick by brick
And building on the foundation

Making something out of everything


Heath Muchena, 2017