Wealth is opportunity, and character is revealed by the use of it.
In fact, money is fundamentally raw material from which you can make any fabric.

A Mammonist in Peril

the love for preeminence is all too human
as man thinks himself rich when he possesses more than his neighbour
and poor if he has less
despite having the knowledge that there are things money cannot procure
and gold won’t buy a grain of affection, respect, grace or a conscience that is pure

it may buy votes yes, but not loyalty
and the determination to be rich as an end in itself has no assurance
for money in its truest sense remains representative of the product of labour
so only the love of being in service to others will give both satisfaction and pleasure while sustaining endeavour

and keeping your desires proportional to your capacity
will save you from corruption
so that even as the purchasing power of money shrinks
your personal worth is not diminished

Make Money Monday

maneuvering the market means understanding the workings of the interactive space in which people demand what they need and offer supply of the product of their talents

and if the inflow of income is greater than outgoings then you’re obviously in business
also, should you happen to owe no entity then you’re truly independent

a common misjudgement however, is that money is limited to the conventional functions of value reserve, means of exchange and value standard

and the doctrine that money is only what it does, instead of recognising it as the communal agreement to make use of something as a means of payment, has been to the detriment of many

so too has the desire for otherwise unnecessary possessions enslaved masses
when time and again they are told that as a business they compete for resources or markets when in fact it is money they compete for, using resources and markets

but with possession of a proper perspective on pecuniary phenomena, it’s easier to adjust your offering to fully explore potential and prosper

Heath Muchena, 2017

Going for Green

they forget that
flowers and fruits
grow in ground
made fertile by muck

and new growth develops
when a seed germinates

shoots from where the leaves sprout
to give result

all process and no luck
Heath Muchena, 2017

Fenomeno – Case & Condition 

On this night, the heavens were mantled with rosy lights
The two tucked into their Cape Receife Sea Bass caught at noontide
And served with all kinds of verdure
While they got to talking about their endeavours

Disagreeing only upon some subtle trivialities
Such as whether something ought to be classified unnatural or naturally defective
But on matters of significant interests they were clever to keep their discourse largely agreeable

I suppose to be cultured or cultivated is to understand that caution need not imply cowardice
And appeasing another’s taste is the best way to serve a good dish

After a few sips of the Vergelegen wine
The gentlemen naturally loosened their lips
And the conversation flowed in the direction of Lionel Phillips’ wife, Florence, almost destroying the wine estate’s potential to grow such palatable sweet vines
What a disaster that would have been – the men agreed

‘I’ve always figured that every producer is essentially a consumer, but not every consumer is a producer
Just as not every politician, sound as his ideas may be, is a practical man,’ one of the men remarked

‘The same can be said of men today
Too much action but misplaced arginine,’ the other responded

‘Enter the age of woman
Form taking on new meaning’

‘And perhaps power – a new definition’

‘Whatever the case… even though it appears mankind is finally taking steps in the right direction to address inequality, I still get the sense that it may just be the beginning of a new type of conditioning…’

And the conversations carried on until first light


Heath Muchena, 2017

Mailbox on 88

He wanted limited liability
And so he set up a B.V.
Dutch trust office, mailbox company, shell corporation…
You know what? it doesn’t even matter – that’s just terminology

But peep game and observe how he really played for keeps

He was no Pac but did it strictly for his Negus
Slicker than Viktor Khrapunov
And more connected on the ground than Leviev – the king of diamonds
Jacob on his wrist you’d think he was Bukharian

His lifelong ambition – to have a stake in Africa Israel Investments
And establish links such as these



No one to hold
As the potassium permanganate pours
But at least it’ll dry out my superficial wounds
And restore my pride

This July
Blood fills the sky
And purple will rain
But it won’t be the end of the world


Heath Muchena, 2017