Clean Quarters 

Fresh scribble for every new debacle
When surrounded by extremes
That’s how I find my way to the middle
The happy place where everything is still and peaceful

Living and loving a little
And I still marvel at life’s spectacles
Knowing all is not always what it seems
But existence always mirrors how one feels 

6 Comments on “Clean Quarters ”

  1. Cleanliness shows a healthy appreciation, for oneself, for those around and for the Creator who gave us a fine countenance.

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  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head kind sir. 100% agree.


  3. vivachange77 says:

    Wise words, Heath. Finding peace and balance in the middle and knowing your world is how you perceive it. I could do with a dose of your view at present. Thanks.

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  4. erinwrote says:

    I am feeling the first stanza today. Beautiful, as usual.

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  5. I just had a dose of your chronicles and I think you’re already living your best life by always keeping an open mind. Thank you for your uplifting words as always, dear friend. Enjoy the week ahead.

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  6. Much appreciated Erin. Thanks so much!

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