Lessons for the Seasons

Exercise your right of free association
But anticipate resistance, for without it, there can be no mission

And if you value ownership, then pursue a stock or in simple terms, own a part of a business
But only do so by investing in a venture which you have some certainty about the predictability as pertains to the sustainability of its competitive advantage

Stay away from the weak of mind and wicked of character to avoid blight
Instead, keep in good company so that you can be blessed

Remember, the size of a man is no index of his importance
And the world will never put a higher estimate on you than you put on yourself
So practise self-reliance if you wish to realise or attain self-determination

Let your resolve be strengthened relative to the degree of your opposition
And remember, the journey to understanding begins with a curious inclination, then observation, attention, contextual correlation, application, and finally clarification

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