A Spring Affair

In a sudden burst of inspiration
I reached for my pen
As it dawned on me that past patterns of thought shape present moments
And that experience is the harbinger of truth

She had been the only one on my mind the entire weekend
And waking up in her presence was not only heart-warming but fulfilling
Much like the essence…
Of a perfect spring celebration

Aries… bronze skinned Eriterian
5”11… Habesha sweet sensation
Straight outta heaven
Whose tales of travel sparked my imagination

We explored one another
Discovered desire and inflamed our burning passions
I treasured most the discovery of a mind so alike
And now I understand why harmony loves company

More than her exquisite exterior
I found her self-expression captivating
She said such things as:
Education, etymologically speaking, derives from educere, which is Latin for leading out – contrary to the popular belief that it is a matter of pouring in…

And there I was
Ironically, taking it all in
The ambience… every little thing

2 Comments on “A Spring Affair”

  1. Sheer genius- that woman! What is the education we most remember? Why, that which we experience! A young neighbour boy, just this morning, showed me two LEGO constructions he had made. Christopher Wren and Charles Eames would be proud of him. I know I am.
    I wish you the happiest Spring, Heath.

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  2. Wonderful, thank you sir.


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