Make Mondays Meaningful 

Life only has three seasons
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
So immerse yourself fully into your work
And let your present occupation be a stepping-stone to higher planes

The ideals you currently hold should naturally inspire your ideas for the future
And by fulfilling your duties for the day in the best way, you prepare yourself for tomorrow’s responsibilities

Be a paladin and not a pauper
Pessimism is debilitating, so only focus your energies on the positive and empowering

Act now and never procrastinate
Remember, superiority by the fraction of a second gains distinction

5 Comments on “Make Mondays Meaningful ”

  1. Susanne says:

    In Canada today is a holiday called Labour Day and this post fits beautifully into reflecting on the meaning of my labour in a job that provides little satisfaction. My next stepping stone is retirement – yay – and full time writing – yay again – and I choose to focus on that rather than dumping more energy into a bottomless and thankless pit. Writing, although not lucrative, is its own reward. Today, I shall focus on writing even if only long rambling blog comments. Happy Monday (if it’s still Monday where you are)!

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  2. Paolo Coelho once wrote, essentially, ‘Every day is its own eternity.’ Look at the present, cherish it, and, good or bad, realize that it really is a gift.

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  3. Hi Susanne, it’s still Monday here on the southern tip of Africa. Thank you so much. I like long comments 🙂 I think you’re on to a new chapter, possibly filled with wise reflections of all those working years. The experience will enrich your writing. Looking forward to reading your work. Thanks again for stopping by.

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  4. Wonderful words. Hope your journeys are blessed dear friend. I have been seeing the destruction that has ravaged parts of the south. Have a great week.


  5. vivachange77 says:

    Wise and encouraging words that I take to heart. Thanks.

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