The Cobalt Case

Setting: A hideout in Hogerty Hill, Harare
Dramatis Personae: Emmerson, Robert, Mr Bredenkamp, Billy Rautenbach

Bredenkamp: Billy, I know we’ve had our differences. And Mr President, clearly you have some pressing matters with your wife’s recent…

Emmerson: Uh-um!

Bredenkamp: Right, point taken. Emmerson, we go way back. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all been watching the markets and know why we’re here. The price has doubled and if my memory serves me right, this was always our shared vision. We are supposed to be the Cobalt Kings but we’re letting Iorich and them take the whole shit!

Robert: The Russians told me Pala Investments now controls significant market share.

Bredenkamp: The problem we have here gentleman, is a clear failure on our part, to deal both in present commodities and in future prospects.

Billy Rautenbach: Says the man who made it all but possible for Gertler to control Mukondo Mine.

Bredenkamp: We each did what we had to, although we don’t all draw the same conclusions from the facts. In fact, the interpretation of information and the definition of its relevance, is what makes all the difference. Besides, the Kabila situation was getting out of hand.

Emmerson: Still, we shouldn’t forget that Laurent made us all very rich.

Robert: With all due respect gents, I’m knackered! Let’s talk business, shall we?

Bredenkamp: So, the long and short of it is that all these tech giants need the wonder metal and the industry will remain dependent on it as long as they continue to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. I think it’s time we venture back into the DRC and see what we can make of this opportunity!

Billy Rautenbach: This surge in demand makes that proposition rather attractive, even though I do have my reservations…

Bredenkamp: Initiative is imagination put into action my old friend. This is potentially very lucrative. Let’s set our personal feelings aside.

Robert: Right, so tell me – what do you need?

Bredenkamp: We need to get in touch with Joseph.

Emmerson: I’ll make the call.

Robert: Let’s be cautious but unafraid.

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  1. cat9984 says:

    Must be really good if they are willing to go to Congo

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