Sunset in Spring

I’ve been waiting so long for this moment
I sure hope things steadily obtained are truly long retained
And that the feeling we’ve discovered here, this evening, will never end…

I’ve heard that it’s better to deserve success than to have it
And that the sentiment of pleasure is stimulated in the bosom of the spectator
But you’re not a trophy and I’m not in it for conquest
So pretty missus, believe me when I say that I seek no achievements, only blessings
For in your good graces is where I find favour

Please don’t hide your heart, I beg ya
Be not as the flower that flings its odour where no one is present to delight in the fragrance
Or the gem of glorious ray that dwells in a dark unfathomed cave
Let me discover who you are
Be as free as a bird
I’m willing to go the distance
This can’t be evanescent…

No need for us to be perfidious lovers
And indulgence need not make us sodden either
So let’s toast tonight – gin or scotch – whatever takes fancy
And just like that song by Jill Scott – keep living our lives like they’re golden…

Watching the sunset in spring.

2 Comments on “Sunset in Spring”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Great string of paradoxes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much ♥


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